"Here To Help: 5 Storylines WWE Should Run With"

The RookieCorrespondent IApril 3, 2010

The lack of prestige and cheesiness in storylines have been increasing over the years, and the fact that most of it is predictable and NOT EVEN GOOD is the sad part. I understand if something is predictable and actually GOOD, but when it's even sub-par, it's sad. The recent feud between Bret and Vince and Edge and Chris Jericho could've been so much better then what it was, and it was sad to see how bad the "twist" were in the Bret-Vince feud, the alliance of the Hart family could've waited till toward the end of the match, rather then the beginning. Let's take a look at the feud between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk, one of the greatest feuds in Smackdown and recent history. Let's see, there were actually plots, twists, heat, bad blood, good matches, and an actual POINT to the feud. Similar to the Michaels-Taker feud. But we get feuds such as the "Love Angle", World Championship feud, which was one of the dumbest I've seen in a while, involving Edge, John Cena, and Big Show. What could've been a simple feud over the title, somehow turned into a love angle that went no where, and eventually Edge humiliated and broke up with Vickie months later, no thanks to the angle.

So why do I involve that specific feud from last year? Because the writers are continuing to do these stupid, unnecessary feuds that we DO NOT want to see.

What can bring back prestige to the storylines of WWE? Well, let's get to it...

5) "UK Invasion"

Superstar(s) Involved: Sheamus, William Regal, Drew McIntrye, Wade Barrett, Finlay, Hornswaggle

This would be a perfect heel mega stable, with the leader being William Regal, with his crudentials of being a manager and GM. Then you have the "Champions" of the stable, Sheamus and Drew McIntrye, while you can have Barrett as an up-and-comer, Finlay as more of a manager to the group, such as Flair's role in Evolution, and Hornswaggle as a heel, once back in his time with Finlay back on Smackdown.

They can rebel against the WWE, saying they feel disrespected, and what not, but they will not take it anymore, and eventually a "Invasion" starts on the WWE.

4) "The Viper" versus "The Rated R Superstar"

Superstar(s) Involved: Edge, Randy Orton

You may disagree with me on this, but it's been YEARS in the making, these two need to fight BADLY. Dispite both being "BORN AGAIN", I feel this can be two "rebellious" faces going at it. This storyline/feud will spark by these two meeting up backstage, discussing their past and present achievements, and arguing over who's the best member of "Rated RKO".

3) "War of the Brands"

Superstar(s) Involved: RAW, Smackdown Superstars

When ever Smackdown and RAW go at it, it's something positive, something WWE can pat themselves on the back for. When ever we see the brands go at it, it's good matches, good feuds, tons of fun. I think they can have a PPV, I say "War Games", where they have the WWE Champion go at it with the World Champion, top face of SD versus top face of RAW, top heel of Smackdown facing off against top heel of RAW, you get the picture. If there were a PPV or idea to replace Survivor Series, it should be this one...

2) "Canadian Invasion II"

Superstar(s) Involved: Edge, Chris Jericho, Hart Dynasty, Maryse, Christian, and even Bret Hart, alongside Mr. McMahon, Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, and others...

Similar to the "UK Invasion", but in this feud Edge would be WWE Champion, Jericho, World Heavyweight, Hart Dynasty as Unified Tag Team Champions, Christian mid-card title, Maryse "Divas Champion", and Bret Hart coming back as the leader, if not Edge and Jericho. This storyline can go as "Canada rules WWE", jumping the "American" superstars, such as John Cena or Randy Orton, rebelling against Vince, with the causing of America versus Canada, Mr. McMahon leads "Team America" with John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and others against Bret Hart and the "Canadian Invasion" with Edge, Chris Jericho, Christian and others...

1) "John Cena Turns to the Darkside"

Superstar(s) Involved: John Cena

I would add Mr. McMahon, as an ally of Cena's, but there are reports that his "heel" character might've ended after his beatdown via Bret Hart.

So, John can pursue the Championship, but this time is different, this time, he loses, and loses, and once more loses. Eventually, he gets so frustrated, he goes on a rampage, attacking anything that moves, ripping up kids signs, going on the mic telling everyone he's done being every kids favorite, getting booed out of arenas, merchandise selling, Championship winning, Wrestlemania main-eventing, goode-goode,"John Cena", but now he is "JOHN CENA", man on a mission, to reclaim his, without a care in the world expect for HIMSELF and the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Yes, it's similar to Batista's storyline, but it'll still be very refreshing.

Thanks for reading, comment if you'd like...