Why I Hate New York Yankees Fans

Jordan HofeditzAnalyst IAugust 6, 2008

**Warning: Overly sensitive Yankees fans should not read**


There are a few things I love more than watching a Major League Baseball game. When I'm watching the Rangers in August, the games actually mean something. It's just that much better.

Then you realize you're watching your team play the Yankees, and that means one thing: You have to deal with their fans.

Since the Yankees are solely responsible for Rangers' lack of playoff success in the late 1990s (in the fact that the Rangers made the playoffs three times and were defeated by the Yankees each of those three years), the friction here is understandable.

Then you add the fact that Yankees fans are just flat-out annoying because the ballpark security is holding its breath every 10 seconds.

First of all, we get it; you're a fan of a team that has more World Series rings than any other. And yes, you love A-Rod, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, and Bobby Abreu. But wait, you haven't won a World Series since they've been on the roster. But, I digress.

And Derek Jeter is "your boy," but in the top of the first with no one on and one out, he doesn't warrant a "De-rick, De-rick" chant. While I'm sure Andy Pettitte appreciates your support, yelling at him to "get one over the plate" from the 20th row in the top deck isn't going to help him throw a strike.

One of my favorites, though, was when Josh Hamilton was batting. A fan a few rows back couldn't stop talking about how Hamilton was a bum and an easy out for a pitcher of Pettitte's caliber. Then, after depositing a two-run home run over the right-field wall, he turns to the nearest Rangers fan to inform them that Hamilton is a future Yankee.

And, I'm not one to condone violence, let alone against a child, but there is something about a kid chanting, "Let's go, Yankees" while they are down by six runs and it's between innings that's quite disturbing. If you're going to be an annoying fan, at least be an educated one and bug people with the random facts and stats you can come up with.

But, most of all, Yankees fans are annoying because they feel like they are entitled to something. Every close pitch is a ball with their guy at the plate and a strike with him on the mound.

Now, you're thinking, that's the way it is with every fan. Every person thinks their team or player can do no wrong; however, "That couldn't be a strike if Jeter didn't swing at it," is not a good argument.

So yes, go out and support your team at other ballparks because you could never manage to actually see a Yankees' game at Yankees Stadium. But unless you have something intelligent to say, keep your mouth shut. And seeing how we are talking about Yankees fans, there will be a lot of silence.