In Defense of the New England Patriots

Ryan KolodziejczakCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2007

Icon What do you want from the Patriots?

Would you rather they run up the score, embarrassing teams and removing all the drama from the competition—or come from behind, frustrating defenses desperately trying to pull off the miracle upset?

Here's an option: Admire them.

Admire the New England Patriots for their pursuit of an undefeated season.

Admire the Pats' ability to come from behind, or to win by 40 points.

Admire them, because they seek perfection—a seemingly impossible dream that only Don Shula and the '72 Dolphins have ever brought to fruition.

So what if there are bad calls? There are bad calls in every game.

Just because ONE mistake seemed instrumental in helping the Patriots win ONE game doesn't mean the refs are in the bag. 

In the Hawaii-Washington game, there were some egregious officiating blunders. But that doesn't mean those officials were for or against Hawaii. 

They just called what they saw—or what they didn't see.

In response to NFL-New_England_Patriots-Unwatchable_conspiracy-041207">another article concerning the Ravens' last-second Hail Mary—yes, the Patriots were all over the Ravens receivers, but Derrick Mason could have easily been called for offensive pass interference too.

I realize this isn't a popular position—but the Pats should be given credit for what they've done.

They've sought perfection, and are nearing it.