San Francisco 49ers: New Gold Rush Era In California

John MatheosContributor IIAugust 27, 2010

In 1848 people flocked from all parts of the world to come to California. Many had heard of the gold that was contrived in certain parts of the state.

People from Mexico, Europe, and Australia dropped whatever they were doing and made their way to this promising place.

Fortune Hunters would travel by horses, wagons, and boats. The transportation took a substantial time. Voyages would take four to eight months, nothing would stop them, the wanderers knew that there was enough gold to feed everyone.

There was about 15,000 people that made way by water transportation.

From this, the name 49ers was unveiled. Anyone that participated in the 1848 gold rush in California was considered to be a 49er.

So now you may ask why I'm bringing up old history, I say why not!

The new and improved San Francisco 49ers are creating a buzz around the league that might bring back a similar rush.

Seriously, think about it for a bit. This football team has had its fair share of success.

In contrast, its also faced some hardship to say the least. The 49ers haven't tasted the playoffs for at least the past seven years.

Now its time for a new era!

The San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush 2010.

The team hasn't experienced this much talent since Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

When I look at this team on paper, it seems like a dynasty coming together. No Joke!

They got Frank Gore, Brian Westbrook, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and developing quarter back in Alex Smith.

All the hype will make its way back to the sunshine state, the bandwagons will be full of people begging to become a 49ers fan. The San Francisco 49ers will shock the NFL with their dominant presence and deliver the gold back to their fortunate fans in California.