Five Reasons Why the Redskins Hate the Cowboys

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 5, 2008

The Redskins and the Cowboys, a rivalry that is equal to that of Hitler and the Jews. The Redskins don't like the Cowboys, and the Cowboys don't like the Redskins. But why do these two teams hate each other? What I am about to show is five reasons why this is not a simple rivalry, it's a science.

1. It's Tradition

The Redskins have hated the Cowboys longer than Tom has hated Jerry. It's simply the way of things. Old legend has it that it was the Redskins co-owner who got the idea to start a team called the Cowboys.

Too bad the owners didn't agree because it almost ended in a lawsuit. Legend has also that this owner who fell to the dark side even wrote the "Hail to the Redskins!" song. It's as simple as that, the Redskins were back stabbed.

2. We're Different

Why else would we hate the Cowboys? They're just plain different. The Cowboys have always represented what the Redskins weren't. While the Cowboys were known for their young, handsome, first class players, the Redskins were a team full of over-the-hill guys that liked to drink.

Even today, the Cowboys are full of celebrity hot shots compared to the Redskins descent workhorse players. Isn't this why everyone hates each other? The Redskins and Cowboys are just Different

3. They think they're so Great

This one makes Redskin fans the angriest. This is what makes them laugh every time the Cowboys lose a playoff game. It drives us crazy. 

Have the Cowboys ever had a nickname that they didn't make up themselves? "Da' Boys", "America's Team", are you kidding me? The Cowboys aren't, "da boys" they're, "da big, fat, over payed jerks who only think of themselves." And the worst part is, they usually win.

4. Jealousy

There's no way a Skins fan would ever admit to it, but we're usually just plain jealous. The Cowboys are always the ones that get all the headlines and commercials, while the Redskins have nothing but the Hogs...our dear, beloved Hogs.

The Redskins could beat the Cowboys 24 to 3 and people would find some excuse as to why the "all so dominant" Cowboys were beaten by the inferior Redskins (sound familiar?).

The Redskins feel like the little brother to the "favored child" who always hear that God wants to watch the him play through that stupid Hole in their stadium. It's just not fair.

5. It's Fun

Let's face it if it weren't for the Cowboys, Redskin fans wouldn't have any fun. What would we do without anybody to hate? We would probably find somebody else, like the Vikings, but it just wouldn't be the same. So really we don't mind the Cowboys that much, we just want to have fun. Unless they beat us, then they're a bunch of jerk.