The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: My Thoughts on Last Night's Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2010

As a fan of TNA, watching this week’s Impact was very upsetting.

I don’t care what anyone says, TNA has some of the best talent in the business today. We don’t get to see this because we have to watch old crusty wrestlers like EV 2.0, Sting, Hogan, Nash, and Jarrett each week.

There were a few bright spots, but not many.

If TNA wants to ever get respect, it needs to earn it. This won’t happen with shows like this every other week.

I will go over all aspects of the show once again in this week's the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good

The return of Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is finally back from his suspension.

Truth be told, he probably shouldn’t have been suspended in the first place. His match against Orlando Jordan was nothing more than a squash, but still it was nice seeing him back in action.

I hope that they get him into the title picture A.S.A.P.

He left hot, and they need to get him back to where he was before his suspension. It shouldn’t be too hard considering how over he is with the fans.

I wish that they started the title tournament this week. That way he could have gotten it back in one stroke of the brush.

MCMGs vs. Generation Me

How great was it to see Generation Me in action?

The young bucks were signed by TNA, but were thrown on the back burner. TNA finally gave these guys some air time, and against MCMGs no less. The bucks did not disappoint in this one.

They landed a series of really sweet moves, whether it was the face plant of the top, the 450 splash, or the sick moonsault outside the ring. You really felt that they had a shot to pull this one out.

In the end, the Guns got the win, and I see big things for them after last night’s show.

The Bad

Team Flair vs. Team Hogan 2

The show started off with a solid promo.

Dixie Came out and said that Flair was suspended for his actions. It wouldn’t stay good for too long, though. After Flair and his boys started a beat down on Dixie’s husband, Hogan and friends came out.

This lead into another angle of Hogan vs. Flair, and to make matters worse Hogan made some outlandish statements. He said Anderson, Hardy, Pope, and Angle were the heart of TNA.

I have no issues with that statement being applied to Pope and Angle, but there is a problem with throwing Anderson and Hardy into that group. Last time I checked, AJ Styles, Beer Money, and Morgan were more TNA than those two.

This would lead into a four-on-four match later that night. The segment ended with EV 2.0 jumping fortune.

In the main event, the match wouldn’t be that much better. It didn’t do much to elevate this feud for me. Then again, I was never a big fan of four man tag matches. The only plus that came from this match was the possible start of a Pope vs. Angle feud.

Old, Old everywhere you see

The match between Nash and Jarrett was a joke. Can we go one week without seeing the senior citizens in action?

What was the point of seeing Nash, Sting, Hogan, and Jarrett in action? This spot could have been much more productive with any other match.

The only chair Hogan should be bringing to the ring is a wheel chair.

Beer Money vs. ???????

I guess we see how much TNA thinks of FBI.

They didn’t even have the courtesy to show their introduction. Either way, this match was nothing more than a beat down. I am assuming this is to fuel the feud between Fortune and EV 2.0.

I never was a big fan of FBI, but even they deserved better than that. If this is the start of the EV 2.0 and Fortune feud, then we are in for a long bumpy ride.

A rousing episode of the Golden Girls would have been more entertaining than this bout.

The Ugly

Really! Really!

It seems as if TNA has stolen another page from the WWE.

It is annoying enough when the Miz does it week in and out. Now I have to watch Dixie Carter and Bischoff do it in their promos.

It is the small things like this that keep TNA from moving forward.

EV 2.0 everywhere

Please, just go away. I’m begging you, just leave.

There is no need to see a 10-minute beat down in the back. This time could have been spent better by having a match between talent that matters. Instead, I have to watch a lame beat down of Dr. Stevie.

Then, to make matters worse, we get Rhino in the very next segment with Abyss.

This time we would be treated to Abyss being laid out with a gore. Thank you, TNA, for 15 minutes of my life I can never get back.

They even had to come out at the end and mix it up.

The non-TV title defense

A few weeks back, AJ Styles won the Global title from Rob Terry. The very next week, he announced that the belt will be called the TV tile.

Along with changing the name of the belt, he also said it would be defended every week.

It has been defended once since the name change.

If you’re not going to defend it each week, don’t call it the TV title. As of now this belt is nothing more than a trophy for AJ to carry. They need to either scrap the belt or put it on someone who will defend it each week.

Quick results

Samoa Joe defeated Orlando Jordan with the Muscle Buster.

Kevin Nash defeated Jeff Jarrett.

Beer Money defeated the FBI (Tony Luke and Guido) with the DWI on Guido.

MCMG beat Gen Me

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