Jim Zorn Says, "Colt Brennan Has a Long Way to Go"

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 5, 2008

Colt Brennan never ceases to open eyes. He was known for his beastly playmaking at Hawaii and had Redskin fans drooling Sunday night. The way Colt played, which was nearly flawless, would make him seem to be the obvious starter, or at least the backup. But according to Jim Zorn, Colt isn't even close.

During his incredible season at Hawaii, Colt Brennan seemed to be a lock for the top QB in the draft. Too bad his poor combine and bowl game landed Brennan with neither the Atlanta Falcons nor Baltimore Ravens, but with the Washington Redskins.

And Brennan couldn't have been luckier. By being drafted nowhere close to the first round, he only got the best QB coach in the NFL on a team due for a franchise QB.

But don't expect to see Colt anytime soon. Jim Zorn knows what he's doing and it doesn't matter how well Brennan plays—Jason Campbell is the starter.

The extreme overreaction to Brennan's great game has made many forget about Jason Campbell’s excellent performance that night.

Campbell was flawless and scored a touchdown Sunday. It's hard to argue with that, especially when you consider Brennan's terrible mechanics. Colt's quarterback coach (the other one) Chris Meidt said that his "perfect throws made up for his terrible mechanics."

So where does that leave him? Colt Brennan will continue to play in preseason and he will continue to be the third string QB. Expect Jason Campbell to play well and get a contract extension. When Campbell’s extension ends, Brennan could be ready.

Assuming Zorn continues to be head coach, Brennan could be a beast, being trained to perfection by Zorn. It could turn out to be a Bledsoe/Brady QB controversy in Brennan's favor. The only way Brennan would not be the Redskins' starting QB down the road is if Campbell exploded and gave the Redskins a Super Bowl, and that's a big "could."

But I'm getting years ahead of myself. At this point, Colt Brennan is nothing more than an awesome QB who had a good preseason game. So far he has nothing. But he does have hope and opportunity.

The possibilities are endless with this guy, and Colt Brennan could end up being Jim Zorn's greatest "creation."