Oakland Raiders: Will All The Spending Work?

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IAugust 5, 2008

As all Raider fans know, this has been a busy, exspensive offseason. But will all of this spending come together for a 10-6 playoff season?

Raiders such as Javon Walker, who haven’t had the best training camp despite getting paid millions, probably won’t be that much of a factor. Raiders such as Aso, who are having a fabulous training camp, no matter what the money, will not only be a huge factors, but get more chances.


Running game: Will anyone be able to stop the trio of Darren McFadden, Justin Fargas, and Micheal Bush? I don’t know, but it’ll be a challenge for any NFL defense. D-MAC will take most of the hand-offs and the other two will play if he gets tired or if the defense figures out how to play him.  The Fullback position is not needed when you have these backs.

Passing game: JaMarcus Russell will be great with all the training and with better WRs. Drew Carter, Arman Sheilds, and possibly Javon Walker will be key additions. Not to mention the amazing Zach Miller at TE will be back. Final note: some backs will also be getting passes!


Run defense: With such a secondary, the run defense will be a main target. Last year, the Raiders had an absolutely AWFUL run defense. Say, didn’t the Vikings have a 100-yard runner without Adrian Peterson? Or how about Kolby Smith from the Chiefs? You get the picture. Hopefully this 3-4 defense will be better against the run.

Pass defense: Our secondary is going be a highlight of the Oakland Raiders ’08. QBs’ will have to hope pro bowler DeAngelo Hall has a bad year, because Nnamdi is on the other side. At SS the Raiders have G.B. Wilson, who just came from a Superbowl winning team. I have plenty faith in FS Micheal Huff.


Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading!!!