The NFC East Has Reached Its Pinnacle

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 5, 2008

The NFC East has gained momentum in the past years, and coming into this season many people consider this division to be dominant. However, the NFC has reached its pinnacle, and the NFC East will be much different three years from now compared to what it is today.

Expect for the NFC East to explode this season with each team in it being affected, for better or for worse.

  • Dallas Cowboys     Prediction: 13-3 (First place)

The Dallas Cowboys have brought extremely high expectations upon themselves and this is the year that determines their future. Anything short of a Super Bowl will disappoint these expectations, and if the Cowboys fail to win a playoff game, Wade Phillips will lose his job and the Cowboys will go downhill from there.

Tensions will start to rise and Dallas's hot-headed superstars will finally lose their cool.

The only good thing that could come of this is that Jason Garret would finally get the head coaching job that he deserves. The Cowboys should change their motto to "Super Bowl or Bust" because the Cowboys' destiny is in their own hands, they could win a Super Bowl and create a dynasty for years to come.

Or they could fail again and fall into obscurity.

  • Philadelphia Eagles     Prediction: 10-6 (Second place, Wild Card)      

The Philadelphia Eagles are probably one of the most underrated teams in the NFL. Last season was a rocky one for the team with McNabb being less than spectacular, wide receivers being less than average, and their defense being just plain bad.

The Eagles will surprise many this season, but they will realize that they cannot win with Donovan McNabb for much longer. It will become evident that it's finally time to move forward in a new era with Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson.

Don't expect the Eagles to be in last place anytime soon, but don't expect a Super Bowl for a while.

  • New York Giants      Prediction: 8-8 (Fourth place)

Of all the teams in the NFC East it will be the Giants that fall the hardest this year. The Giants had an awesome win streak that won them the Super Bowl by beating the greatest team on the planet. They deserve everything they have.

Yet, as a team that lost their biggest play makers, Strahan and Shockey, and another one in contract problems, Burress, the Giants only play maker is Eli Manning, an inconsistent QB who had one good stretch.

The Giants will be the biggest surprise in the NFL, being the only team to be in last place in their division after winning a Super Bowl. Don't expect Eli Manning to be leading his team anywhere but last place this year.

  • Washington Redskins    Prediction: 9-7 (Third place)

The Redskins have the the biggest upside of any team in the NFL, let alone the NFC East. They have talented play makers who finally have a coach who can put it all together. Considering the Cowboys lose a playoff game again, expect the Redskins to be the new beast of the East in the upcoming years.

The big question is whether or not the Redskins can win in the short term. The tough schedule and division makes me think they can't, but I expect the Redskins to emerge in the following year.

All in all I think the future looks brighter for this team than any other. Expect Jim Zorn to turn some heads in the months to come.

The preceding analysis has a lot of bold predictions, and there are a lot of factors that will determine this year's outcome, but expect this analysis to be more right than wrong.

The only thing for sure is that the NFC East is about to change dramatically.