Mr. Brennan Was the Only "Colt" on Top

James Gray IICorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

Yes, it was only a preseason game, but when the clock ticked zero, Brennan was the only victorious Colt on the field that day.

A win like this for veterans is short lived, but for a rookie, it’s a game that will never be forgotten. 

Yesterday was the first step Brennan made to silence his critics.

Many had said that he was too small, while others said it was June Jones' offense that allowed Brennan to thrive.

With a player that averaged 379.89 yards per game in total offense, there has to be something more than just "fitting" into an offense. 

We all remember the damage he did in college by setting 31 NCAA records in just 38 games at Hawaii.

This efficient quarterback had a completion rate of .712, which is just another one of his highly-respectable records.

The guy put up numbers that players only dream about and led Hawaii to their first ever BCS bowl game, which did wonders for the program, in terms of exposure. 

It hasn't been an easy road to the NFL for Colt, whether it was getting kicked off Colorado's team as a walk-on or keeping his head up after his draft stock dropped because of end-of-the-season surgery.

Through everything, the Irving, CA native has been through, he remained positive and confident, and insisted he would not be a wasted pick. He believes that he brings a lot to the table. 

Well, on Apr. 27, the Washington Redskins made his dreams of playing in the NFL reality with the 186th overall pick in the sixth round.

So far, the Redskins are pretty satisfied with their choice, as Brennan has excelled faster than expected at camp and with his performance in last night’s victory in the Hall of Fame Game against the Colts

Brennan saw his first NFL action in the second half. His first flash came out on a 3rd-and-7, where he threw a 34-yard pass to Billy McMullen for the first down. 

He later finished off the drive with a 20-yard touchdown pass to Maurice Mann in the corner of the end zone.

With the first touchdown out of the way, Brennan wasn't finished yet.

In the fourth quarter, on a 3rd-and-4 on the Colts' five-yard line, Brennan was under heat with all of his receivers covered. He scrambled to the right and side-armed a pass on the run for a touchdown to Mason.

The drive was an impressive 88 yards in 15 plays, which arguable was the drive of the game, eating up over seven minutes of playing time. 

Brennan ended the game 9-of-10 passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns.

Not bad for his first appearance in the new environment.

It will be interesting to see if he can continue to progress and one day earn a starting job.

One thing is for sure though: Don't expect this kid to quit. He's got the heart of a warrior.