David Beckham to Blackburn: What Can He Really Offer Blackburn Rovers

Craig FarrellCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2010

David Beckham is a potential target of Blackburn Rovers
David Beckham is a potential target of Blackburn RoversKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Blackburn Rovers are set to become the latest team in the Premier League to receive new ownership as part of a big money takeover.

Indian Ahsan Ali Syed is poised to become the new owner of the Blackburn Rovers—one of only four teams to be crowned Premier League Champions—at a cost of an estimated £300 million.

Syed is said to be pledging £80-£100 million into a transfer fund for new players, and he has personally announced that he would “love to take Beckham” to Blackburn.

David Beckham will surely be glad to hear that his services are coveted by Blackburn, as he is still coming to grips with the announcement of England manager Fabio Capello that he was no longer an international option.


Beckham turned 35 last May and is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon in his left foot. There is no doubting his talent but there are questions over the productivity that he could offer to a team.

David Beckham is a global brand. He is an icon of the sport and he is the most widely recognizable and associated football player in the world. Blackburn will most definitely reap the commercial benefit that Beckham carries with him.

But it will not be anywhere close to the extent that Real Madrid or L.A Galaxy received. He will shine some light on Blackburn in other countries. but the financial benefits would not be as vast as once before.

The idea that Beckham could be used as bait to try and lure other players to Ewood Park is plausible, but how much pulling power would Beckham really have with other professionals?

On the pitch Beckham has his uses, and for both club and country Beckham has found a niche for himself to fit his lack of pace, which has further diminished over the years.

He is one of the best crossers of the ball in the game. He is also a dead-ball specialist and one of the finest passers in the game.

With that said, his fitness must be questioned after yet another foot injury and Beckham does not really fit the Blackburn or manager Sam Allardyce’s system.

Blackburn Rovers are a nitty-gritty type of team. They are built with players who are expected to get into hard tackles and fight tooth and nail for each and every challenge. Beckham is a competitor and has a great passion for the game but he does not tick any of the above boxes.

Blackburn’s midfield is a key area for the team and the warrior mentality is a must for Blackburn to strive in the system that Allardyce has implemented. David Beckham is not that type of player.

It was also hinted at that Beckham is a perfect “closer” for teams to have. He can be brought on to control games and to use possession wisely and advantageously. Blackburn are not the type of team that would ever be so dominating that they would need to just dwindle down the time.

David Beckham looks appealing from afar, but up close he really has very little to offer Blackburn Rovers or their fans.