Is Aaron Rodgers The Guy?

Dwan SamuelCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

Aaron Rodgers was “The Guy” just a few weeks ago, but why? Maybe it was because he boasts a record that Brett Favre cannot hold a candle to. No, that does not seem to be the case. 

Well, maybe it is because Rodgers has 16 seasons with the Packers of guts and glory left on the field of every NFL team. Oops, that is not it either. 

So, what made Aaron Rodgers “The Guy” all of a sudden, while Brett Favre was forced to continue practicing with a high school team in Mississippi as if he were an accountant all of his life, and was suddenly begging the Packers for a walk on spot as the starting QB?

Pride and ego made Rodgers “The Guy.” Ted Thompson seemed to want to move forward because his pride would not allow him to look back, but just a few moments ago, NFL Network reported on the Packers’ new stance. They will now “welcome him back and turn this situation to [their] advantage.”  Their statement did not give any specifics to what they plan to do with Favre, but it sounded as if they have opened their minds to new options. 

The organization of the Packers is now discussing how they will make the best of the situation, even though only a week ago they were saying that Rodgers was their guy.

John McCain is putting out ads saying that Barack Obama believes that he is “The One,” in an attempt to compare Obama to Moses.

Aaron Rodgers was in the locker room telling the press how the Packers’ organization told him that he was “The Guy.”

The comment made by Rodgers shows his lack of maturity. Although McCain may view Obama as “The One,” Obama takes the "we" approach. He tells people that he cannot change anything without them working with him to make those changes. 

If Rodgers were seasoned and mature enough, he would know to take the "we" approach. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisbeger, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, John Elway and several of the other great quarterbacks of the present and past all had a "we" approach. They won Championships because they acknowledged and understood that every role within each of their organizations was vital to their success. 

Favre always understood that concept of "we" before "I", which is a part of the reason that he is so loved. He sacrificed for the organization. It does not seem as if Rodgers is ready or willing to make the necessary sacrifice to be a great leader and player. 

If the Packers are unable to find a new team for Favre, Rodgers may spend some more time learning that being “The Guy” is not as important as being a team player. If Favre is able to return to his starting position in Green Bay, Rodgers will learn the importance of being a stand up guy over being “The Guy.”