Creature vs. Creature: Dominick Cruz Will Dominate Joseph Benavidez

Dale De SouzaAnalyst IAugust 18, 2010

Tonight will be a bantamweight barn-burner.

At WEC 50, the 135-pound champ Dominick Cruz will be up against another Team Alpha Male stud, Joseph Benavidez, in a rematch of one of last year's most exciting bouts at Bantamweight.

While the fight went to a decision the first time out, the fight met with no controversy, and for good reason.

Dominick Cruz left no doubt for the duration of the fight.

He out struck Benavidez and kept him from really garnering any sort of edge on him in both the submission and take-down departments, hence the unanimous decision.

Benavidez is a warrior in every sense of the word, and I can definitely admit that anything less than what he gave in his last fight is unexpected in my book.

I won't pose a question about it—Benavidez will bring it tonight against Cruz.

I just don't think it'll be enough the second time out, though.

Granted, Benavidez is a different fighter than he was one year ago, and if you don't buy the possibility of him being dangerous, ask the guys that Benavidez has made short work of.

Heck, ask Miguel Torres if Benavidez is a scrappy dude.

I recognize that he won't quit, but there's only one problem:

Neither will Cruz.

The guy never seems to gas in his fights, and although eight of his fifteen career wins all went to the judges, he did leave five dominated souls dazed and looking at the lights.

Don't think that Brian Bowles won't get a mention here either.

He broke his hand against Cruz, but before the doctor stoppage, most would agree that Cruz had that fight well at hand.

That's why he's The Dominator, ladies and gentlemen: because with the exception of Urijah Faber and two fighters from Cruz's past who have split-decision losses to Cruz, the Alliance MMA warrior has been dominant against every opponent he's faced in the cage.

Tonight, Joseph Benavidez wil prove no different in his second go-round with Cruz.

He's going to have to make the champ work to get anything decent in for five rounds, and he's going to have to put the champ in dangerous situation after dangerous situation.

Benavidez has to finish Cruz early, or he has to leave no doubt that he dominated The Dominator.

Once again, though, Cruz will be the one who hurts Benavidez with shot after unforgiving shot.

Once again, Cruz will be the one who dominates Benavidez to where there is no alternative—to where Benavidez will have to get a stoppage or a tap-out in order to win the fight.

Once again, Dominick Cruz will have his hand raised as the WEC Bantamweight Champ.

On any given night, any challenger has a chance to beat the champ and reign atop their tonight.

Tonight is a prime example of one of those nights, but after the fight has ended, Dominick will convince Joseph Benavidez of one sure truth, and that truth is this:

Tonight isn't Joseph Benavidez's night.

Prediction: Dominick Cruz retains by Unanimous Decision or TKO

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