Creature vs. Creature: Joseph Benavidez Will Choke Out Dominick Cruz

Colton WhittemoreCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010

Joseph Benavidez, victorous.
Joseph Benavidez, victorous.

Welcome, fight fans, to another edition of B/R MMA's famed Creature vs. Creature. In this edition, Dale De Souza and I will be analyzing the WEC 50 title fight between incumbent Dominick Cruz, and challenger Joseph "Joe-B Wan Kenobi" Benavidez. Isn't that nickname awesome? No?

This fight will be a rematch from their WEC 42 matchup, which Benavidez lost via unanimous decision. It is a championship bout, and therefore will last five rounds instead of the customary three.

Well, the stage is set. Let's begin.

Joseph Benavidez is a good fighter. Simply put, he can hang with anyone. Against Dominick Cruz, I expect nothing less than a full-scale war. Only, Joe-B Wan's hand will be raised at the end of the night.

Benavidez's striking is good. While he is not Jose Aldo by any means, he can hold his own on the feet, which is a lot more than many others can say. He outboxed Miguel Torres during their fight, and I firmly believe he will do so in this fight as well. However, grappling may be his best offense.

On the mat, Benavidez is a whole different animal. He was a four-year standout while wrestling in high school. He even wrestled at William Penn University for a short period of time. His real strength, however, is his submissions.

Of his 12 wins, seven have come by way of submission. Obviously, the dude knows his way around on the mat. If Dominick Cruz tries to battle his way to a decision win again, I think Joe-B Wan will catch him in a submission and become the decisive WEC bantamweight champ.


My final prediction: Joseph Benavidez by Guillotine Choke, Round 2

You don't agree with me? I knew I shouldn't have picked Thiago Alves. If you want to see Dale's take on the fight, click here.