"Redskins Have More Then What Meets the Eye"

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 3, 2008

In the NFL world there are two types of teams. There are the teams that constantly receive high praise and expectations no matter what the situation, and there are the teams that attract to the pessimists year around. The Redskins could be described as the latter. Every off season there is the the process where self-proclaimed "experts" analyze NFL teams and there potential. It would be a safe bet to say that the Cowboys, Patriots, and Chargers are among the "Superbowlbound", while the Redskins are labeled in the "rebuilding" category along with the Lions, 49ers, and Dolphins. What is most interesting about this process is not that the Redskins are commenly written off as "irrelevant", but that most of the teams considered "elite" seldom live up to expectations. (When was the last time the Chargers won an AFC Championship?) However, if the Redskins have proved one thing through history it is that you never count out the Redskins. This is what separates them from the other teams of the NFL. The Redskins are at their best when everyone else expects their worst. There are very few teams, if any, besides the Redskins he could do what they did. After a four game losing streak the Redskins' best player is murdered and their starting QB is injured. It was then that the 10 year backup lead the team to a four game spanking spree to the playoffs. The Cowboys can't even manage a playoff game. The Redskins experienced a similar situation two years ago when many considered Joe Gibbs "outdated". Surprising winning streaks are not a new thing for the Redskins. Doug Williams took the Redskins on perhaps the greatest surprise win streak in Football history, ending it with a Super Bowl victory. Logically it would seem obvious to rate the Redskins among the dangerous after the odds they defied. Yet again, experts look only at the new unexperianced Head Coach, the tough division, and the aging defense. They, along with everyone, ignore the winning season, the rising quarterback, and the off season additions of the top defensive end and  wide receiver draft choices. To count out the Redskins for this season could be the worst prediction since the last time they left them out, three seasons ago.