Jacksonville Jaguars: Could Luke McCown be the Answer at Quarterback?

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IAugust 16, 2010

McCown should have the chance to compete against Garrard.
McCown should have the chance to compete against Garrard.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

He doesn't look the part of an NFL franchise passer. He doesn't look like your regular game-breaker. Then again, neither does Peyton Manning or his current teammates and obstacle, David Garrard.

That's right, folks, the Jacksonville Jaguars could very well be staring their answer at quarterback right in the face when they watch Luke McCown in practice.

I know, I know. This is a knee-jerk reaction to McCown's exciting pre-season debut, a colossal over-reaction to David Garrard's less than memorable pre-season debut, and another case of "it was just one game, man".

There is definitely truth to those three perspectives. I mean, we're not about to claim Tim Tebow as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback based off of a rushing touchdown and 105 yards off of eight completions, right?

The Minnesota Vikings aren't about to say, "ah, no thanks" to Brett Favre, just because Sage Rosenfels went off for 300+ passing yards and three scores in his pre-season debut, either.

But the situation in Jacksonville is different.

The Jaguars haven't had complete confidence in their starting quarterback since the days of Mark Brunell. While serviceable and athletic, Garrard simply hasn't been consistent. He doesn't have an elite arm, doesn't make all the plays, and only has one truly solid season under his belt.

True, he has never had elite weapons either, but where there's a lack of production, there still needs to be a microscope.

And while Luke McCown only really has scrub defenses to work with to prove he has what it takes, we have to at least count this as a brownie point, a step in the right direction, and a guy worth tracking.

Let's call it like we see it. David Garrard was under-whelming in his debut this past weekend, and McCown was flat-out magical.

He threw for 240+ yards on just 15 passing attempts, and of his three scoring tosses, just one went for under 40 yards (and it was still a nice 30-yarder).

Are we calling for Garrard's head and plugging McCown as the next elite quarterback in the NFL? Of course not, but stepping over that "quarterback controversy" line is a trick not mastered until you, well, finally do it.

McCown makes some bad decisions. His past history can tell us that. But he's also made some great plays in his short time as an NFL quarterback, once tossing for over 1,000 yards in just four starts in a season. 

What he showed us in his pre-season debut is that he takes the good chances, as well as the bad. He goes for and loves the deep ball, he looks down the field, and he keeps plays alive.

We're not saying Garrard can't do that, but it's pretty clear from his own past history that it's not a strength of his game.

And we're not saying McCown will be the starting quarterback. But when all you've got going for you is mediocrity, why not give the guy a realistic shot?

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