10 Reasons Everyone Loves LeBron James

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2010

10 Reasons Everyone Loves LeBron James

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    In the past seven years, a true American hero has emerged and won the hearts of all of us.

    LeBron James exhibits all the traits that we look for in a role model, a teammate, and a champion, and there is no doubt that he is the most beloved sports figure of all time.

    A simple article could not begin to encompass all the greatness that is LeBron James. So join me as we journey together analyzing exactly what makes LeBron so very special.

10. Commitment to Ending Unemployment

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    Politicians will promise to end unemployment, but LeBron James has actually done something about it.

    While congressmen are tied up with paperwork and people-pleasing, LeBron took it upon himself to help his fellow man in our nation's economic crisis.

    In fact, when James built his PR team, he generously offered positions to every unemployed friend he could think of. He gave no regard to education or experience.

    No qualifications? No problem.

9. Outstanding Multi-Tasker

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    Is it impossible for someone to be in two places at the same time?

    Maybe for us lowly civilians, but not for LeBron James.

    James was able to kill two birds with one stone by attending his dear friend Carmelo Anthony's wedding and making his "Decision" from the same city. Why waste a plane ticket?

    Some may criticize LeBron for not making his announcement in person to the city of Cleveland, but his absence had nothing to do with being a coward.

    It's called time management, people.

8. Understanding of Social Media

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    LeBron knows that we are all thoroughly interested in everything he does...every second of the day.

    I'm not the only one, right? I can barely get through my day without checking my phone at least 10 times to make sure that my Twitter updates from @KingJames are still working.

    Don't worry, folks. LeBron has taken on the daunting task of keeping us posted throughout the day.

    He went to the dentist two days ago, and all I could do was hope that James was cavity-free.

7. Extreme Generosity

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    If you think for one second that LeBron "choked" during any of his NBA Playoffs appearances, then you obviously do not understand the giving nature of the King.

    He simply wanted to give other teams a chance to win championships. He knew that his time would come, and his overwhelming sense of charity made it easier for him to wait his turn.

6. Strong Roots in Community

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    LeBron will never forget the people of Akron, Ohio. He even said so when he took out a full-page ad in the Akron Beacon Journal.

    He owed nothing to the city of Cleveland because it is not his hometown. Akron is.

    They are two completely different cities, and there are talks of an NBA expansion franchise opening in Akron. And when this happens, we know LeBron will be back.

5. Humility

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    With many athletes these days doing everything they can to hog the limelight with their cocky attitudes, LeBron James stands alone with his unfaltering humble nature.

    LeBron's ego never gets the best of him, which was demonstrated by the fact that he only required an hour to announce where he would be playing this coming NBA season.

    His "Decision" could have been a week-long special, but the King refused.

4. Family Values

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    LeBron James has made the decision to not take his children and their mother with him to South Beach. His children are three and five-years-old, and he simply does not want to separate them from their lifelong friends.

    This has nothing to do with LeBron wanting the freedom to experience the Miami nightlife.

3. Intelligence

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    Intellectually, LeBron James is on a completely different level than the rest of us. This brilliant man has really set the bar high as far as professional athletes go. 

    If you find yourself watching a LeBron James interview and not understanding exactly what he is saying, you probably just don't posses the caliber of intelligence exhibited by the King.

2. Loyalty

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    We all know that LeBron James is extremely loyal to the city of Akron, but we have yet to mention his loyalty to his teammates.

    When LeBron played with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh during the Olympics, he promised that they would someday make a team that would dominate the NBA.

    And he kept his promise. If this isn't loyalty, then I don't know what is.

1. Commitment to Conservation

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    Simply looking at LeBron James, you would not think that he is very passionate about "going green."

    Boy, were you wrong!

    In fact, LeBron has generously stood by as struggling people in Cleveland burned his jerseys to stay warm. There was no need to chop down trees. LeBron's jersey is the number one selling jersey in the NBA, so James knew that there would be plenty of fuel to heat these people's homes.

    LeBron has also made it his duty to not deplete the world's supply of gold. By not winning championships, no gold needed to be wasted on any rings for the King.

    He is so environmentally concious.