Thoughts on the 'Talking Out Of Your Arse, Fella' Edition of WWE RAW

Iqbal Siraj@IqzyContributor IIAugust 10, 2010

Random and scattered thoughts of the 9/8/10 edition of Monday Night RAW, or 8/9/10 for you American folks:


1. How HOT was the crowd in Sacramento? WWE should really think about doing a PPV there.

2. Is it me, or does PG Jerry Lawler on Divas sound more and more perverted than before?

3. Why does Sheamus keep using the word "fella"? No one in Ireland actually uses that word!

4. On another note, how comes they didn't silence the word "Arse" when Sheamus used it, but they silence "Ass"?

5. I am sure some of you guys were hoping that someone "Accidentally" got pushed into the laptop podium knocking the laptop down and breaking it, how funny would that be doing the whole RAW thinking about how to communicate with the GM.

6. In regards to that, freaking give us a real GM already! How can a laptop run a show?! P.S. Those email sounds are real annoying, I can't even get them on MY Apple Mac, I just hope Apple sue them for sound copyright.

7. Evan Bourne needs a push, Miz needs the title. Two very talented workers that produced a quality four-minute match.

8. OMG first Mark Henry goes down, then Nexus gets rid of Great Khali, wow, they got rid of two of the best RAW workers (sigh). Maybe they should go after Vladimir Kozlov next. Anyhow, why did Henry have to audition for the role of the replacement?

9. On another note, why didn't Nexus go after John Morrison, R-Truth and Co. backstage but went after other useless wrestlers?

10. A guest host next week? I thought they stopping this shit? Oh well, it IS Justin Long, the guy is hilarious and a good actor, should be as fun as Seth Green.

11. Saw the "Stone Cole" sign in the opening segment, funny as hell if it actually meant stone him to death, but not funny if the guy actually compares Cole to the toughest SOB.

12. Michael Cole wasn't that annoying today, except for the divas action bit when they turn all perverted, but in matches he didn't always say "Vintage" and "Hook of a leg, shoulders down, and a kick out," keep it up, Cole.

13. Who is hoping the seventh member of Team WWE is actually Bryan Danielson? I was even hoping someone like Booker T was coming out to surprise us all. But I guess WWE ARE going to be predictable and let Miz join the group.

14. How come when the faces/legends get ambushed, no one else comes in to help them?

15. Bret Hart looks better in shape, but man put your costume and glasses back on for one night only at Summerslam.

16. Nexus looked like pansies running away from a group of six wrestlers.

17. Orton is just too good as a face and a heel. The line where he said he definitely does not want to be like Cena still got the crowd pumped up. He is THE best in WWE at what he does; the Viper gimmick can never get old.

18. Sheamus actually looked terrified today, but didn't his movement look a bit slow when Orton was going for the punt, but hey looked good because the look on Sheamus's face was priceless.

19. RAW is actually becoming bearable to watch, and because there is no guest host to dumb it down, it actually is becoming better. Now the laptop needs to transform into a human GM soon, because it is becoming ridiculous.

20. I was not looking forward to Summerslam, and I still am not, I don't give a monkey's ass about Team WWE, but I am really looking forward to Sheamus and Randy Orton with the possibility of HHH returning, and Kane vs. Mysterio with the possibility of The Phenom returning.


That's all folks. If you enjoyed this read, I will be regularly writing these type of articles.