Art of Pro Wrestling: RKO'd By WWE and TNA and Forgotten By the IWC?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IAugust 9, 2010


It is still an ordinary day at the B/R mansion!

A few b/r “originals” are sitting and trying to remember the good old days

Mr. Hester-God! How I wish I could go back to those good old days. The Clarie’s, Akd’s, Testa’s, Shane’s!  

Sulayman -You bet! Same here, damn! When will the “quality over quantity battle” be won by us?

Ross- Hey heard of that kid who suddenly reinvented him self and suddenly is a walking mass of attitude?

(Suddenly the lights go off, a cool music hits and a red carpet is laid and on it walks Iam D Real Deal yo)

(People’s cheers and applause fill the room and makes the roof blow off as D Deal steps onto the stage)

Miss Annie- Hey Randy Loo—

Deal-A-Lites-Shhh. D Deal is about to speak

Andrea- Who cares? Edge rul—

Deal-A-Lites- Later….

(Lights go off and the spot light is now on the Deal to start speaking)

Hello my fellow mates, I am back!

(Dashing Marina- Wow Wow Wow!!!)

(Deal- Damn! I asked her to save the fake applause for later; she screwed it up big time.)

So as I was saying- That even though I am a huge WWE fan and I love the product these days, I must say that there is one thing that I need to get off of my chest.

The WWE is the best thing to hit sports entertainment till date. However one question that constantly engulfs my mind is-Has WWE and now TNA forgotten the ART that was Pro Wrestling? And has the IWC and WWE Universe Forgotten it?

Now I know many of my audience here will say that they still have heels, faces, titles etc.

Well I mean the mannerisms are the same but I am talking about the lost art, the lost emotion, the lost legacy which drove people crazy.

There are many things that make me believe that some where down the line, the art of pro wrestling has been forgotten and long gone.

Here are a couple of things that make me believe so-


The curious case of the Indy’s and Ring of Honor


Allow me ask all you guys a question! How many of you actually watch these independent promotions?

I am sure that the majority does not and by majority I mean, solid majority.

However those who see them know that these promotions provide the best wrestling the world has to offer.

But the question is- why aren’t they a hit?

Apparently these promotions don’t offer as much Entertainment and Gimmicks as WWE and TNA do.

But guess what? Their main focus is wrestling alone.

Given the fact that they still don’t get ample ratings is a proof that some where down the line, the love for pro wrestling “the sport” has declined.

Now many might say that there is a problem with broadcasting this to all countries for I have heard people say that many nations don’t get it.

But why is that the case here?

The answer is simple. People don’t find this amusing as in the case of TNA and WWE which proves that the “E” has dominated the first “W” in the acronym WWE

Hence the cable operators don’t pick them up and they are not broadcasted.

Just the fact that their videos get very less views on youtube proves that these organizations are ignored.

And ignored for what?

Yea you guessed it right! For showing actual wrestling

The ignorance of these organizations justifies the forgotten love for this art and how it has involved into an Entertainment Unit from a Wrestling one.

The Indy’s and ROH -Live, Breathe, Eat, Drink and Stand for WRESTLING, PERIOD!

Check out a few matches they produce on a “regular” basis. I am sure you will get the point!

Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness 2006

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards 2009

Masato Yoshino VS Yamato 2010

Hence I respect guys who cover the Indy’s here and I would like to thank the “Indy man “my self AKA Mr. Ken Drabek for the videos and for being kind enough to help!


Want Talent? - No Thank You! Hey Got Abs and Curves???! Really


This is perhaps the WWE’s “Oh So Great (pun intended)” method of selecting talent and further more pushing them.

They are not valuing talent so much these days.

If they did?

Well then I would not be writing this article, WWE would be no.1 in all aspects, Chavo Gurrero would be a 4-5 time World Champion and David Otunga would be a lame duck and the only rookie to be eliminated on NXT even before it started.

Yes because he is that good as a wrestler!

Now this seems to be a latest trend where in the WWE is keen on pushing those who look good and can really generate a lot of steam from the people pf the opposite sex.

I mean what is up with guys like Drew and Sheamus being pushed even before all the people knew about them?

I agree the talent is their but DAMN IT! What about the others?

What about the Hardy’s, Christian’s, MVP’s etc?

Same is the case for the divas!

While I agree that the divas are always learning but what I don’t understand is that why do they pick models and train them?

Why can’t they just ship talent from the Indy’s/ FCW etc where the gals can “actually” use wrestling alone to sell the product?

How does this prove that the art of pro wresting has been forgotten by them?

Well pro wrestling has had a Glorious Past. It has been known for providing some great quality matches and that was because their was a lot of talent involved in it.

These days we see those tank like men winning on a constant basis even though they are not the most talented of the lot.

The problem is that these days they have forgotten that talent need to be recongnised and pushed for only they can provide those 5 star quality matches on a day to day basis.

Wasn’t Lou Thesz a talented worker who put on great quality matches?

Guess what he never had a physique to die for and it was talent that had pushed and he gave some outstanding matches

Even some one like Rowdy Rowdy Piper never had the perfect physique yet he had tons of talent and as a result provided for some of the greatest matches in the history of this sport.

But had these legends been on now? Then they would be no higher than the Bourne’s and Chavo’s of today.

Thus! Their has been a replacement of the basis of being pushed and that is the dominance of looks over talent.

Something that would make the Old Era LOL!

This is another case of the forgotten art or pro wrestling.

Here are a few pieces that will further prove the point that The WWE LOVES HOTNESS

(Suddenly as D Deal was about to move to his next argument, the lights went off and a harsh and bitter voice was heard)

Voice- HaHa! You guys think that you can abuse us? And still expect to be in peace? No chance in hell, we are coming for you all. Specially for you Mr. Deal

D Deal- D Deal says ~ I don’t give a damn about who you are, what ever you do. You want to be a man? I say get your monkey a$$ here so that I could pound it in pieces~

Voice- Not yet you fool. I am making an army of my own and will be back soon to take all of you with me.

D Deal- D Deal does not care. Yet he will be waiting for you when you arrive and once you do. Well he will be ready with health care facilities for you idiots.

Ashley Morris- Could this be another publicity stunt by D Deal too? I’m Just Sayin’

(Big Nasty securities was called on the scene to come up with conspiracy theories of their own)

(After the commotion clears, D Deal takes a sip from his drink and continues with the session...)


The Excess of Love for the Attitude Era and the Ignorance for the Golden Era


One more thing that has me believing that the art of Pro Wrestling has been forgotten is the forgotten Golden Era of wrestling and the constant love for the AE.

The AE provided some good quality matches no doubt but accept it-the biggest reason why it worked out well was, the half naked women, high volume of blood and violence and the use of the F-Word as often as Cole says “Vintage” (Vintage Idiot BTW).

Now if we look at the Golden Era in pro wrestling it was on from the 1985 to the 1995, I know that this is not the exact time period but these years were the best.

What kills me is that the Golden Age of WWE sold because of the brilliance of wrestling and amazing 5 star matches back to back.

Where as the AE sold because of those gimmicks and sex and violence.

This is the point!

Wrestling (The most important thing in pro wrestling) failed against all such blood and babes.

Hence I am crying!

Where is the love for pro wrestling? Where is the love for the classic good old days?

Hence I am whining.

Now as for how this proves that the art of Pro Wrestling is forgotten?

The answer is simple guys.

Wrestling or In Ring Talent is not being considered the most essential thing where as it should be main object of focus as that is exactly on which the company was built.

Here are two brilliantly crafted pieces that prove that the Attitude Era was over rated!


Other Practices being Forgotten


There are many other things that come to my mind when I talk about this but I don’t want my article to be as long as Trips’ nose so I will explain the secondary points in brief-

First thing that comes to my mind is the lost art of commentary.

With Jim Ross off TV and Matt Striker being the lone sensible commentator, the commentary team has really been worthless.

While I appreciate The King. I hate him for lusting over divas all the times.

I mean these guys talk about the moves or maneuvers on lesser occasions and mostly talk about how hot they are bore us with 99 reasons on why they can’t have them

Second thing that pops into my head is back stage politics!

This topic has already been discussed much but the fact that now a days a WRESTLER can’t be him self and has to keep mum about things just to keep him self hired is some thing that makes me sad

The benefit that the others get because of being mentioned by those who Vince listens too kills me inside for they get things before they deserve it and thus screws up things for talented people.


WWE Wrestlers-No! Try WWE Superstars


This is my last argument in favor of the title.

I mean why are the replacing the term wrestlers with superstars?

I know that it is good for marketing basis but For The Love of God this is pro wrestling Damn It!

At least allow the performers to be known as wrestlers rather than presenting them as guys with good looks, nice physiques and hiding the talent part

This is like the biggest reason due to which I had to write this article down!


What is the purpose of this article after all???


Now I am sure that many will be wondering that why I wrote this when I had to whine and cry about the WWE.

Well there is a big fat reason and it is- WWE IS MY WRESTLING FIX, DAMN IT!!!

Yea that’s right.

As much as I love the funny promos, Wrestling is what I am in for

Watching guys wrestle charges me up, It sets my nerves in motion, It makes me wanna throw my denim shorts on and break into the ring and beat the holy hell out of some one, It makes the adrenalin in my body pump like there is no tomorrow, It makes me want to live and be my self

Yes that is my dedication to wrestling and the fact that I am not getting a chance to see it is the reason why I am really sad.

I did not write this article because I had to; I wrote this because I wanted too.

I could not stand wrestling the sport being devalued because of R-Rated stuff.

I would rather have blood on my face and hold a well fought title in the air and be hated by you for saying that rather than write a WWE Kiss A$$ article here, for when it comes to wrestling I don’t care about my sweetness

I know that I have been known for my kindness and friendly nature here but I am sorry that this time I had to bring out an angry side of mine.

Sue me if you want to but this is my means of showing my LOVE for WRESTLING and I won’t “easily” back down from any point I mentioned here.

Sorry I had to this and now that I have, I feel proud!

( D Deal’s eyes fill with emotion as he finishes the article and is given a warm cheer from the b/r mates and this time again the roof blows off)

( D Deal leaves the stage to exchange thoughts and ideas with his noble guides)


An Important And Kind Note for my readers and fans AKA Deal-A-Lites


There are a couple of things that I need to talk about!

First of all I would like to say that I am currently in my final grade and my school is about to pick up soon.

I hate studies as much I love the WWE but I will be occupied with many tasks, from assignments, home works, my sports tourneys so my articles will have big gaps in between.

Secondly the extra story in this article and me trying to praise my self a lot is just me trying to establish some new style of writing on this site here that’s all

I have not changed in real life, some one has to make an effort and I am doing this so that we can make this site what it was back in the good old days.

I am just playing a gimmick just like the cocky wrestlers do.

Read my profile bio you guys will understand!

Also! I encourage you all writers too try new stuff so that we can start a new golden era here and encourage those old writers here to be PULLED back to this site.

Let’s value Quality over Quantity and make the pro wrestling column what it was-AWESOME!!!

That’s all guys!

D Deal has done talking and now you are allowed to! LOL (Still in character)

If you want to talk to the D Deal then follow him on twitter here- SarkasmDeal

So people and my Deal-A-Lites. What do you think of this?

Is pro wrestling forgetting it’s original art? Are you all going to wait for the mystery voice who is after us? Did you LIKE the piece?

Whether agree or disagree, please do comment and let me know for sure.

Any comments and compliments whether good or bad will be accepted and stay tuned for what happens between D Deal and the mystery voice!

Thanks for reading, waiting for feed back!

D Deal has been done!!!



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