OMG! You're HOT! Wanna Work for WWE, and Is WWE Still the Same?

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 6, 2010

Hey guys and gals, I am back.

We all know that WWE  does not consider the in-ring ability of a superstar alone before pushing him/her, but also consider his mic, work, connection with crowd, and of late and rather shockingly, the “looks and the perfect physique as well.”

The reason for such a title chosen is that I want to make people know how the good looking, well built, beautiful (divas) WWE Superstars are preferred over the less well-built yet better in-ring workers and technically developed wrestlers.

The other aspect in the title, is for my take on WWE and how it is concentrating more on Entertainment and less on Wrestling.

Sorry for the display pic, could not find a better one and apt one!

Now, I know that this is a point on which many are going to disagree with me here and well I just want to solve this thing which has crossed my mind a couple of times as well.

Thanks to my fellow writers and friends JVCXV and Mike The Professor, I was ensured that I was pretty much correct.

Now, I am not saying that wrestlers are being ignored if they don’t look good or if they don’t have an archaic Greek God’s physique or damn curvy in the case of the Divas, but they sure are being “unknowingly” neglected as the ones who do have it are being preferred .

First let’s look at “few lucky guys” I can remember who, thanks to Vinnie’s love for abs and curves were pushed like hell, even though the others deserved more.

                                          The Lucky Ones


Maryse -There is no doubt in any guys mind that she is damn! Hot and even though she is a heel in the current “Kid Friendly Era” where in the kids don’t know that it is scripted, but still she is highly anticipated and gets a huge applause from the crowd.

This proves that she is an eye candy indeed and has been made the Divas Champion already? And my only reaction to this is “WTF Really Vince? Really?”.

Let’s accept it guys, she is not a “born and talented” diva but a MODEL first who was hired for her good looks and then trained.

Now, lets accept it, she is nowhere near even the top 20 in-ring performers (divas) but still thanks to Vince’s love for them, has made her a two-time Divas Champion already while the deserving ones like Gail Kim and Natalya are ignored and ones like Mickie and Katie Lea.

Damn! They are good looking as well, but I guess that here Vince needs perfection in the form of Maryse and man, he needs to concentrate on perfection on many more areas rather than these.

Sheamus and Drew MacIntyre

Now before saying anything I would like to say that hell yes they are great in the ring and are future top guys but my question to you is, did they deserve it the most?

Or are they the best currently that they save WWE all the time from embarrassment?

The answer to both questions-Hell No!!!

I mean we all know that they have those ideal archaic physiques that Vince loves a lot, but were they not pushed too damn early without establishing their character a bit! I guess we all know that the answer is “Yes!”

I mean Sheamus’ first title reign sucked, Vince knew that we were asking to push young guys then well why not someone like Ted DiBiase or Cody Rhodes who were part of the Legacy and really getting a lot of air time.

Same for Drew, I guess that it was fine to push him with the IC Title first but he had done nothing else but kick guys and that’s all before doing that, and talents like Kane, MVP were being “wasted.”

The answer is simple, they did not look like the tanks which Vince wanted and hence they got screwed.

Batista -You guys are shocked, aren’t you?

To begin with, I would like to say that I for one am a huge Batista fan for sure and nothing can change that, but damn! Vince loves big guys and hence Batista who deserved a title for sure, won many more than he deserved!

I remember back in 2003 when I started watching WWE and Batista was not a part of Evolution and before that seriously was a nobody.

I mean Christian rightly said that Batista’s charisma is equal to Tomko’s hair and I agree with that.    

Now, I am not saying that he being the face of SD between 2005 and 2007 made no sense but all I am saying is that, he won the title far many times than a person with his in-ring ability should have won.

I mean come on WWE, what about guys like William Regal, Christian why the hell were they never given title shots, I mean why were the ignored even though they are far superior than many of them?

The reason is simple; they are not big guys like Batista and Cena, and even though they are fit, they don’t have the physiques to die for and hence they are ignored and this really pisses me off.

There are many, many more but I am just giving details on a few them!

Now, with that said lets move on the employees whose position in the company and contracts with the company is dependent upon the way their physical turn out is-

Position In The Company and Contract Status Based On The Face Value

Read down the following “Bitter Truth” which will explain a lot in itself!

The WWE halted Kofi Kingston’s push and literally pushed him down like anything after he botched moves, now guess what Randy Orton himself did that and that is the damn truth but he was never pushed down.

Now, I would never push Orton down myself but Damn It! Neither would I push down Kofi and kill his rise to the top!

Now, I can be wrong here but then what was the reason why they were biased towards Randy Orton, well I agree that Orton was a better worker and still is but it was just that they knew that Orton could sell like hell and people would invest in him and that would not happen in the case of Kofi.

(No offence to Orton, I would still have pushed him had he botched 10 times because I knew that he is actually one of the greatest and rocks like hell but then I would still give Kofi the time to develop as well)

Then there is the firing which took place of late and man that had a lot to do with the physique as well.

I mean the WWE picked on Mickie James for being fat and fired her, I know that it was because of her music career and all but then can they fire Maryse or Kelly Kelly, I for one doubt that.

I mean Maria was fired because she too was branching out and the WWE likes to control employees, but my question is that what a worthless diva like “Jillian Hall” is still doing in the WWE while women like Mickie James who rocked the Divas Division were fired.

Then their, is the way the superstars are made the face of the company based on their physiques-I don’t know if you have noticed a couple of things about it myself!

Lets look at Hogan for instance, even though I never saw him in his prime but still I know that he was the face of the company for a long-long time, but was he the best in ring worker-Well, No Way!!!

I mean they could have made anybody else the face but Hogan too was a sellout and thanks to his tough structure he was presented that way.

Then after that the next “prominent” face was the Rock, well no comments against him, he was the best all said and done, but now let's look at the current face of the WWE i.e. John Cena.

I mean we all know that even though he deserves to be a top guy, but he wins tons of titles, but then again he too is a muscular head and hence Vince likes him.

Then we had someone like Brock Lesnar, who too was well built and thanks to his size was pushed really really soon, while guys like RVD, Kane, etc., were kept away from the title when they should have been there.

Not only this but their were times when Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle, two of the greatest wrestlers ever, period, were never made the true “face” of the brands.

I agree that they main evented on many occasions but they were never made the true “face” of the company like Trips back in 2002-2005 and Edge who was the “true” face of SD from 2007-2009.

It’s simple, they did not look like super heroes who could swirl the world around on their little finger and did not like the “Incredible Hulk” like the WWE wants it’s top guys to be.

But the biggest thing which proves my point is the way that the big guys get to the top in no time at all while the other ones have to wait until and unless their luck shines on them.

A few fine examples are guys like Goldberg who was made WHC in like no time when he returned to RAW in 2003 and the biggest example to explain the “damn stupidity” is making The Great Khali The Champion.

The point is that Vince presents the big guys and the hot divas in such a way that they make us buy them and that is why we prefer them, if they could then they could easily have made us believe in many neglected yet extremely talented guys.

I mean come on, really? What the hell was that? A joke which was blown way out of proportions or a fine example of your love for big guys and hot and curvy divas?

Now, with said let's take a look at a few guys who were ignored thanks to Vince!

                          The Ones Who Got Screwed


There of course are many of them, but here are a few of the “finest” examples I could think of!

Matt Hardy -First of all, I am not talking about the Matt Hardy of today but the Matt Hardy of the past when he had that “awesome” rivalry with Edge.

I mean he was so over that he could have been pushed to the sky with that but thanks to the fact that his build can’t make Vince imagine him like a super hero, he was literally “dumped” to SD!

I mean Edge was kept on RAW and had a rivalry with Cena, while the guy equally deserving of a title run was just blown away and I still have a lot of BS for Vince for having done that!

Christian -This thing seriously kills me that CC (Captain Charisma) and I mean CC, one of the best in-ring workers in the WWE has not won a title yet while “short-guy”, “damn knee brace wearing” and “Taker and Punk injuring” Mysterio already has and has one it once already, not only this but even The Great Khali, (Damn! As Farooq Would Say) has already won it.

I remember that way back in 2005 even though CC was a heel he was so anticipated and the applause he generated was pretty brilliant too, you can find it at this link, and just remember, he was a heel back then.

I mean Vince could easily have sent him to SD and put him with Big Dave, but no after all he is Vince and you can’t expect him to do great stuff all the time.

The fact that CC, was not put in the title seen so that the “animal in the true sense indeed” Batista could dominate really makes no sense to me for sure and I hope that it does not to you guys as well.

Chavo Guerrero -He is another guy who though very talented indeed has been screwed due to the way he was presented after he was broken up with Eddie as his tag team partner.

Also he does not make it to the league of those whom Vince likes to put the title on.

One more thing is that, back in 2002 when he and Eddie were a tag team, they both were pretty much on the same level so had they managed him well, he could have been a top guy as well, at least for once.


A Few Divas - I guess that all the WWE Divas are good looking but I guess that Vince for one only prefers either the perfect ones, or the ones with…. ( I hope you got my point)

Divas like Natalya and Gail Kim are the best in the WWE at the moment and this is for sure still I can’t believe that Vince has screwed them over.

I mean both are well trained and can actually even give us 5 star Diva Matches but the fact that Vince prefers the “queen amongst queens” really bugs me!

Now these two to me were the ones who were screwed to the limits, the list of people screwed also include guys like William Regal and Goldust who got screwed as they were not like the Greek Gods! That Vince proffered.

With that said, I have two guys in mind who though pretty damn talented, might be screwed in the future, if not now and they are Evan Bourne and Bryan Danielson ! 

The reason why, I feel that both will be screwed is that even though both of them are really talented but the problem is that they are not one of those “big and tall guys” that Vince prefers and not only this, Vince is not presenting them to us like he presented someone like Rey Mysterio to us.

Also they are the agile wrestlers and hence their body is not the one Vince desires, to see.

I feel that the chances of them having a title run are pretty less but still there is some eerie hope and the chance them being the “top guys" like Cena, Rock, etc., can never happen and that’s for sure!

The day it happens, I will bow before Vince and quit B/R once and for all.


Now, for one final observation, is it time to pull the plug on the “Second ‘W’ in the word WWE”., well my answer is a straightforward “NO” but I however have some thoughts on that!

                                          WWE or WwE/WEW


First of all let me thank Mike The Professor for the wonderful article about this topic. You can find it at this link




Did you notice the name change; well what I meant was that-

By calling it the WwE and not writing the second ‘W’, in capitals, I mean that it is growing into a bigger entertainment company and a lesser of a wrestling company. And by calling it the WEW, I mean to keep the Entertainment first and Wrestling Second.

I mean that the wresting though more than entertainment at the moment is going down indeed. So with the current standard, even though this is a wrestling company, but off late it has been more of an Entertainment promotion.

With WWE, allowing only big-muscular guys and the curvy divas more chance, I guess that WWE is pretty much showing the same attitude as a film-making company does.

Not only this but the fact that they have replaced the term “fans” with the “WWE Universe” to induce people to join the site and give them more money and chat and have fun rather than enjoy actual wrestling bears testimony to the fact that they are more for entertainment.

The fact that the word “twitter: in itself takes up more time than the time given the “Diva Matches”, is another point.

The fact that they bust their ass for theme songs, expensive sets, pyro’s, HD, Guest Hosts rather than devoting much time on the WRESTLING itself proves that even though we guys hate to accept it, and hate to change the name but in our heart of hearts, we all know that the WWE is not the WWE yet but it is the WwE, where in the alphabet “E” is shown more importance than the second “W”.

So that’s it guys, my take on the way the WWE ignores talent over looks and physique. What is your take on this, please do let me know as all comments, whether positive or negative will be accepted.

I hope you enjoyed reading it, do comment and tell me if you agree or disagree.


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