TNA Vs. WWE Power Rankings: Top 20 Superstars Of The Past Week

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This idea has probably been done before, but I have never seen it being done week after week on a consistent basis.

I'm here to tell you that the Bleacher Report "Wrestling Section" will now have weekly "Power Rankings," highlighting the top superstars of the week.

I have some tough classes starting next week, so I won't be contributing two-three articles a week like I used to, but I can still produce one, and this is the idea I came up with.

I hope you all know how "Power Rankings" work, but I'll explain how they work for those who aren't familiar with them.

-You basically create a list of how many superstars you want and then rank them from whatever criteria you want.

-You can rank them on the quality of the match they had, if they won a match, if their character "grew" over the week and other things of that nature.

-If a superstar has a hot week and then underperforms in some shape, way or form the next week, he or she doesn't necessarily drop off the rankings that week, instead you would just move them down the order.

This is how I ranked the superstars, I have considered every category.


1. If the superstar won the match.                                                                          

2. Quality of the match.                                                                                          

3. Did they do anything notable.                                                                            

4. How did the fans react to them.         

Note, that since these are the first rankings, I can only go off what happened last week, some big names will be missing.

I didn't take into account anyone who wrestled on WWE Superstars.

So, without any further delay, here are is the list.


The Just Misses:

TNA-Ric Flair

"Naitch" picked up a "dirty" win against Jay Lethal on the past TNA Impact, but hey, "If you're not cheating, you're not trying."

Ric took a beating by the hands of Lethal, I believe it was the millionth time Ric was busted open, but who's keeping track?

Flair had a solid promo before the match and just like classic "cocky" Ric, he underestimated his opponent and came down to the ring to fight in a suit.


TNA-"Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

"Pope" misses the top 20, he had a good athletic duel with the equally talented Orlando Jordan on Impact.

The thing that downed his match was the predictability of it. TNA's lead "babyface" wasn't going to lose to a virtual nobody, Orlando Jordan.


WWE NXT-Husky Harris

Harris held his own Tuesday night, against a impressive Kaval. Husky pretty much dominated the match-up and proved why he is the most hated rookie, by defeating the biggest "babyface" on NXT.

Harris is on a semi-win streak and could crack the top 20 next week if he continues his ways.



For the first time in years, Raven became a actual factor in a TNA broadcast. Raven had a few very personal responses to Tommy Dreamer's opening segment questions but, was forced to look "weak" againest Dreamer and Foley.

Raven had a nice week; hope TNA keeps utilizing him. 

Here are your top 20:

20). WWE-Sheamus

The "Celtic Warrior" had a decent week, as he destroyed Goldust in a three-minute "squash." WWE was probably just showcasing his different moves in the match, Sheamus showed us his pure power by performing a TNA Hernandez-like, "Border Toss" or as he calls it, the "Celtic Cross."

He also had a little in-ring promo, bad-mouthing Goldust and warning Randy Orton, common "heel" talk. He got "punk'd" by Orton at the end of the night and looked silly though.


19). TNA-Rob Van Dam

TNA Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam follows after Sheamus, RVD picked up a win against Raven and Abyss. He nailed the newly turned heel Raven with the "Five-Star Frog Splash" and would have a short lived celebration.

The thing that hurt him on this list was that Abyss went "psycho" and attacked him afterwards, and honestly speaking, what's more memorable...a beatdown or a win?


18). WWE-Edge

Edge looked like he was going to cruise to an easy win over Wade Barrett on Monday Night Raw, a win over the leader of the Nexus would have given him a spot in the top 10, but in normal WWE fashion, they never let us see the outcome.

Edge ran away like a cowardly dog. However, the thing that got him over RVD and Sheamus was that Edge has now formed a new alliance with Chris Jericho.

That has to be the most the most intriguing thing that happened on a low-class episode of Raw.


17). WWE-Nexus

Slow week for "Nexus," although they didn't beat down a innocent WWE superstar, they did have a backstage segment with The Great Khali that has grabbed people's attention.

Khali is clumsy, yes, but if he ever turned "heel" then I don't think Mr. Cena would have such an easy time with him. 

They also chased Edge out of the ring, getting a former nine-time World Hevayweight Champion running for the winds is pretty impressive.

So, "Nexus" did a nice job setting up this week's Raw and Summerslam.


16). WWE-Randy Orton

Orton continued his tough-guy routine on the past Raw and the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship seems coiled and ready for one more reign.

Orton had one of the best matches of the week against The Miz, I don't think a former six time World Champion was going to lose to a superstar who has never been in a PPV main-event, so the ending was pretty obvious, but he still had a good performance. 

Sheamus tried to get his hands on "The Viper" after the match, but it was another failed attack by Sheamus.


15). WWE-Cody Rhodes

You got to give it to Mr. "Dashing," he had a great week building his character up. Cody got a clean win over Matt Hardy, throughout the match he was really showing off some really solid athletic moves and dominated the veteran.

Rhodes had another vignette on how to be "Dashing", this one was on eyebrows; it was pretty funny. 

Cody's stock is high right now, so for any of you in that "WWE Fantasy League" that Ben Gartland is starting up, Cody would be a great help.


14). WWE-Dolph Ziggler

You got to hand it to Ziggles here, he didn't look all that bad againest Kofi Kingston on SmackDown!.

Until the end, Dolph never needed Vickie Guerrero's help in the match, and even when she came in, he hit the "Zig-Zag" cleanly on Kofi. Dolph finally has some credibility, but I ain't sure if he's going to have it for very long.

13). TNA-EV 2.0

I supose we can call these guys a group for the time being; Rhyno, Dreamer, 3-D, Richards, Sandman, Lynn, RVD, and Mick Foley get on this list. Lynn had a touching segment with RVD, they promised to do it one more time.

Foley went ahead and got himself as the "Guest Referee" in the Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer match.

RVD and Dreamer also got a win against Abyss and Raven, and they wrapped their night up with Sandman destroying Abyss with the cane. This will most likely be the first and last week these guys are on the list, because of "Hardcore Justice" coming up.


12). TNA-AJ Styles

AJ kept true to his word and defended his Television Belt againest Rob Terry, and it looks like he is going to put the title up every week.

This makes things VERY interesting for next week's; Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles match. If AJ does lose the belt, does Angle just give it back to him?

Styles beat Terry this past week and showed two extremely athletic moves; a reverse "Pele Kick" and a "Springboard 450 Splash", take that Justin Gabriel.


11). WWE NXT-Michael McGillicutty

"Mr. Perfect Jr." had double duty on NXT and that ultimately got him over some of the other names on the list. He had a OK match with Lucky Cannon, it was back and forth, but the McGillicutter (Swinging Neckbreaker) ended it.

His match vs. The Miz was a bit better. Miz dominated the youngster through the match, but Michael was just working the match to perfection. He showed life towards the end, but Miz put him away.


10). TNA-Abyss

The monster took a loss on TNA Impact, but he was making a statement after the match was over, Abyss chokeslammed the hell out of Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam.

Stevie Richards attempted to save his friends, but he gets thrown out the ring, Rhyno comes down and gets knocked out, 3-D try to help, but Raven knocks them out with a chair.

After all that, Sandman came down and basically destroyed Abyss along with Raven. Abyss made a statement and created some nice "heat".  


9). WWE-Straight Edge Society

For the first time in months, the leader of the SES, CM Punk, had a smile on his face, but it was at The Big Show's expense.

Punk had a very good segment with the other members of the group, telling them that they aren't allowed to be happy, this surely will comeback to bite "The Straight Edge Savior" in the near future.

They also worked well as a team and picked up a win over MVP, Chris Masters, and JTG.

8). WWE-Kofi Kingston

Odd, he lost the IC Title, but is in the top 10. Don't get me wrong he had a good effort against Ziggler, but his actions after the match are what boosted him on this list.

For two weeks in a row, we all saw a mean-streak in the fun loving superstar, he might not be booked to win the IC Title back, but, with that new attitude, Kofi could be in the picture for much bigger things.

7). WWE-Chris Jericho

The ever-narcissistic Chris Jericho was an easy pick for the top 10. Jericho could have had the match of the week if he didn't botch the ending and let Cena ge the "STF" on him.

Jericho had a couple of segemnts on Raw, he realligned himself with Edge and looked like he was going to go back to "Team Cena", but he didn't. Can't wait to see what happens this Raw.

6). WWE-John Cena

The man everybody loves to hate just misses this week's top 5. Cena took a big deal of punishment from Chris Jericho during their great match, his normal "Superman" antics; got the early lead, got dominated, tried to fight back, got dominated again and then wrapped it up.

Cena had a convincing segment with Jericho and acknowledged that Chris was the best in the world, though John didn't get him back on the team.

5. WWE-Rey Mysterio

You talk about carrying a brand, Rey Mysterio shows up on SD! more than the brand's World Heavyweight Champion.

Rey started the night off with a okay segment with Drew Mcintyre, Drew was proud of what Rey did to the Undertaker, but felt he could have done it better, normal "heel" and "face" talk.

Mysterio and Drew had a great match, and Rey really made Mcintyre look good in the match.

Mysterio won the match as expected, and high-tailed his butt away form Kane.


4). WWE-The Miz

The self-proclaimed AWESOME one actually showed why he was given that nickname this past week.

He competed in a above average match with Randy Orton on Raw, had a solid match with McGillicutty and cut some good promos. 

Miz should be near the top of these lists for weeks to come, seeing how he is on two shows and can help himself out.

3). TNA-Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal just beat down and humiliated "The Nature Boy;" he deserves to get this spot. Lethal was violent and if you watched the match, the guy wasn't wasting a single moment in the ring.

He even got Flair down to his underwear and started throwing his clothes into the stands like some kind of prostitute.

Jay enjoyed the match, but Douglas Williams would eventually cost him the victory.


2). TNA-Beer Money

Beer Money gave The Motor City Machine Guns a run for their money on TNA Impact, they fell a little short due to the fact that James Storm was scared to climb the "Ultimate X" sturcture and Robert Roode was going a little slow.

Beer Money could be at a all-time high when next week's Impact is over, they could just walk out the four time TNA Tag Team Champions.


1). TNA-Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns finally tied the series for the tag team titles up at 2 games a piece. Going into the "Ultimate X" Match, you knew that Sabin and Shelley had the advantage and that they were probably going to win, but it was the fashion in which they did it.

Shelley knocks down Storm on the apron, and then Sabin forces Roode to lose his balance on the ropes and fall. Guns could continue their reign at No. 1 if they retain next week.



Who to look out for next week:

Jeff Hardy- Open invitational, Hardy might have a good showing against a former WWE star or current TNA superstar.

Mr. Anderson- Ken will be in a little tag action next week, so expect him to maybe crack this list if he can pick up a win.

Kurt Angle- Angle will most likely make the list, a win over No. 12 ranked AJ Styles gets him going again. Could be the Television Champion by the end of next week.

Kane- Monster hasn't seen a whole lot of action as the World Heavyweight Champion, he might need a little tune-up or tag action going into his title defense.

John Morrison and R-Truth- Much like Kane, Morrison and Truth could use a warm-up before their big match at SS.

This was just a stepping stone, next week the real fun begins with the "Power Rankings."


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