29 HUGE Mistakes Made By WWE in the 21st Century

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29 HUGE Mistakes Made By WWE in the 21st Century

What's going on, Bleachers?

On the B/R Wrestling forum, many of us differ on a lot of things; "Who the greatest wrestler is?", "What the greatest match of all-time is?" and even silly things like "What the best WWE T-shirt of all time is?"

Differences in opinions help spark healthy debates amongst the writers and commentators on this site.

But, if there is one thing that EVERY writer on on this forum of Bleacher Report can agree on it is our overwhelming love for Pro Wrestling and WWE.

But, just because we love WWE doesn't necessarily mean we agree with any of their decisions or opinions.

More often than not, we the fans feel like we could run "Creative/WWE Headquarters" better then them.

This slideshow basically focuses on a few of the 'blunder-headed' moves and decisions the WWE made in the 21st Century to make us feel this way.

29 slides, so it's a pretty hefty list.

I might be leaving something obvious out and then again I might have hit "the nails on the head."

Only you can correct me, go ahead and express your opinions and thoughts when the slideshow is over.

I will be focusing on the bad now, but I will also be ranking some of the good things WWE has done in the 21st Century,

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