New Chris Jericho and Edge Stable Ready to Form? Possible Recruits

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On June 7, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw, a group known as "The Nexus"  shocked the WWE Universe when they came down to the ring and promptly destroyed everything in sight. The sacred WWE ring was dismantled and a former nine time WWE Champion was left for dead in the middle of the ring.

This group consists of seven members; their leader Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, Michael Tarver, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and Darren Young. These seven members wouldn't stop after just one attack, week after week they would ambush respected WWE performers. They even came up with a cheesy catchphrase, "Your either Nexus, our your againest us" . This stable cost John Cena his WWE Championship on two seperate occasions.

After costing John Cena the WWE Championship at the "Money In The Bank" PPV, Cena went ahead and assembled a team to try and take down the "The Nexus" at the biggest party of the summer, the "SummerSlam" PPV.

On July 19, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw, John revealed his mystery team, a team that consisted of; The Great Khali, R-Truth, John Morrison, Bret Hart, but the two big players, a former six time World Champion Chris Jericho and a former nine time World Champion Edge.

Combined, all the members of "Team Cena" have 32 World Championships, Edge and Jericho being "heels " and accounting for 15 of those titles, naturally wouldn't like the "babyface " John Cena, a couple of mid-carders like John Morrison and R-Truth, a clumsy Khali and a WWE Legend, Bret Hart. Not liking their teammates would be one thing, but Edge and Jericho only stayed with their teammates for two weeks and then disbanded from the group. On the same episode of Raw, these two former tag team partners would "make up" and form a new pact.

They promised to take over Raw....

Like all the people that watched Raw noticed, I too noticed that even though Edge and Jericho didn't want to be apart of "Team Cena" , they still wanted to take down "The Nexus" .

So this got me to thinking that a new "Heel Team WWE" could be in the works. Edge and Chris have both been victims of a seven on one beat down, so the writers know that just having those two beat down the seven together wouldn't be believable.

After this whole "Nexus" disaster blows over, "Team Cena" and this newly formed stable could give a match on Raw or at WWE's next PPV "Night Of Champions"

Getting five other members wouldn't be very hard, Raw has a bunch of talents that are "heels" and aren't being utilized. By the same token, finding "face"  replacements for "Team Cena" wouldn't be very hard. Cena's team could acquire The Hart Dynasty and fill their spots up. For the record, I don't think Khali will leave the team.

Here's what this new Jericho-Edge team would look like if it ever formed:

Zac Ryder- Charasmatic young wrestler who has shown some ability in the ring. After ECW was replaced by WWE's NXT, Ryder got a huge push and was getting alot of air time, he was even voted in by the fans to tag with Miz to face R-Truth and John Morrison. He has been lost in the low-card's of Raw and is fading out of our memories fast. I say put him in this storyline and get him some credibility.

William Regal- William has been put in a mini storyline with Vladimir Koslov and Santino Marrella, that feud seems to be over now and Regal would match Bret Hart in the "Legend" category.

The Uso's- They were given the spotlight as soon as they came to Raw, they haven't been given tag team action for a few weeks now and would be two perfect pieces to "Team Heel" . Especially if The Hart Dynasty joins John Cena, The Uso's would fit Team Jericho-Edge even better.

Ted Dibiase Jr.- One of the better heel on Raw and a up and coming talent, Ted Dibiase Jr. seems like another obvious pick. Edge wanted him on "Team Cena" , but The Great Khali was crowding that spot. Ted should bring his talents to this stable.

Honorable mentions should go out to The Miz, but since these two teams could clash at "Night Of Champions", Miz would have to defend the U.S. Championship. With this said, you might be thinking, "Then how will The Hart Dynasty compete at "Night Of Champions", with Raw's "900th Episode" coming up, this would be the perfect time for the WWE to give Hawkins and Archer or Santino and Vlad the tag titles.

I ain't saying that any of this will happen, but a new stable led by Edge and Jericho is a legitimate possibility.

I'm sure that "Nexus" willn't just go away if they lose at "SummerSlam" and at this point, Wade Barrett and company could win the match at "SS."

This is just a little water cooler talk and an idea I'm throwing out there.


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