BR KOTR First Round Matches 1 and 2 Results

David ForrestContributor IAugust 2, 2010

Here is the results from the first two matches, along with a match report. Sorry about the delay.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Evan Bourne:

As Ziggler walked down the entranceway, there was an air of brashness about him. He looked at Bourne and sneered at his size. It was obvious that Ziggler was confident about his chances in the tournament, particularly in this match.

The two men came out of their respective corners, and the bell rang. Ziggler and Bourne stared each other down, before Ziggler shoved Bourne off his feet and onto the mat.

As Bourne regained his composure, Ziggler started to laugh at him before grappling him, lifting him up for a backbreaker, and stomping him on the mat. After a few more basic moves, Ziggler began to pick up Bourne for a military press, walking over to the ropes for what seemed to be a drop out of the ring onto the floor.

However, before Ziggler could throw Bourne, Bourne is able to give Ziggler a kick in the ribs and grab him with his feet for a Hurricanrana. Ziggler was stunned and dazed by the reversal and Bourne took the opportunity to level Ziggler with various punches and a spinning heel kick to floor him, with a great pop from the fans.

Ziggler became enraged and flew at Bourne with a clothesline, but Bourne was able to read it and dropkick Ziggler in the back and over the ropes.

As Bourne started to taunt for the crowd's approval, he launched a great splash over the top ropes onto Ziggler on the outside. As Bourne went for a DDT, Ziggler was able to low-blow Bourne and ram him into the barrier before laying into him with various punches.

Ziggler was then able to take control, launching Bourne into the steel steps and throwing him over the announcer's table into the way of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Ziggler then threw Cole out of the way and stomped Bourne while he was down behind the announcer's table.

Every so often, Ziggler returned to the ring to reset the count before returning to Bourne to unleash some more punishment.

Soon, Ziggler saw fit to end the match, dragging Bourne to the ring before locking in a sleeper hold. Bourne began to fade as Ziggler started to become his old, brash self again but Bourne refused to give in.

Soon, the referee began to raise Bourne's arm to see if he was out. The first time, Bourne's arm dropped limply. The second time too, Bourne did not respond.

However, when the ref held up Bourne's arm for the third and final time, Bourne managed to keep it up and began to thrash about in the sleeper hold. Ziggler refused to let go though, gripping the hold tighter, until Bourne grabbed the rope.

Even when the referee threatened disqualification, Ziggler refused to let go, trying to tear Bourne away from the rope, before finally letting go on the 4-count.

As Ziggler signaled for the ZigZag, Bourne was able to wind him with a high flying kick, before heading for the top rope. Bourne then lept at Ziggler, before connecting with the Diving Double Knee Drop onto Ziggler shoulders.

Bourne seemed to get a second wind, urging the crowd to get behind him, before continuously levelling him with punches and kicks. When Ziggler tried to counter with a punch, Bourne was able to duck and grab his legs before catapulting Ziggler into the turnbuckle. Ziggler emerged from the turnbuckle dazed just as Bourne dropkicked him back into the turnbuckle. Ziggler collapsed to the mat, face up.

The timing was right and the crowd knew what was coming next, as Bourne climbed to the top rope, before milking the crowd for one last bit of support. He then went for the Air Bourne, only for Ziggler to raise his knees and connect with Bourne's ribs, countering the move!

Both men were lying on the mat from the beating they've taken. Bourne looked like he's genuinely injured himself with the last move.

The referee wasn't sure what he's to do, but reluctantly began a 10-count, presumably to give both guys (especially Bourne) time to recover. At the count of 6, both guys begin to rise hesitantly, and by 9, they're both on their feet.

Immediately, Ziggler gave Bourne a punch in the ribs, immediately flooring him and leaving him a crumpled mess.

Ziggler began to fawn to the crowd, before Bourne launched a last-gasp Small Package on Ziggler from behind, while he was more occupied with baying the masses.

Ziggler was bemused, and stumbled to get back up, whilst Bourne looked stunned and frustrated at the fact that Ziggler has kicked out of his dying-breath-attack.

As both Ziggler and Bourne rose yet again, Bourne hit Ziggler with a massive chop, dazing him before kicking him in the midsection and grabbing him, lifting him in preparation for a Gory Neckbreaker, something rarely seen since Bourne's Indy days.

Bourne went for the pin, only to get a 2-count.

Ziggler wasn't going anywhere; he was laid out, but Bourne still wasn't able to seal the deal. Suddenly Bourne turned around to see the turnbuckle and decided to go for the hail mary move!

He crawled, whilst holding his ribs almost with a demonic possessed look, towards the turnbuckle, before willing himself onto the top rope. The crowd willed him on with every crawl and clearly wanted him to end this match. Bourne took a minute to compose himself, and took a deep breath, before unleashing the Air Bourne on Ziggler. It wasn't the most fluid Air Bourne ever, but it's an Air Bourne nonetheless.

This time, Bourne hit and was able to lay on top of Ziggler for long enough to get the 3-count!

MVP vs. Shad Gaspard:

The match started with Shad Gaspard flying at MVP with a huge flying clothesline, knocking MVP to the ground.

Soon, Gaspard had MVP into a corner, stomping him and pounding him, before MVP was able to grab Gaspard's boot and push him away, giving him a moment to recover. MVP then got to his feet, grappling Gaspard before hitting him with a modified hurricanrana into a head scissors.

As Gaspard got back up, MVP hit him wth the belly-to-belly suplex, sending Shad to the edge of the mat. Gaspard then tried to retaliate by launching himself into the ropes and going for a clothesline.

Only MVP countered impressively, lifting Gaspard over his head, to the mat. As Shad got up once again, MVP hit him with his own clothesline, sending both competitors over the ropes to the outside.

Gaspard hit MVP with a shot to the midsection, before slamming his face into the apron a few times, then lifting him up and dropping him onto the barrier. Shad then hit a dazed MVP with his big boot.

Gaspard began to drag him into the ring, and signaled for the Recoil STO.

MVP was able to evade Gaspard, slipping behind him before locking his arms around the big man and hitting him with a German Suplex.

MVP then saw an opening, climbing to the top rope and waiting as Gaspard got up, before hitting him with a high-flying spear. MVP went for the cover, but to no avail as it resulted in a 2-count.

Gaspard then gave MVP a kick to the midsection and hit him with the Samoan Drop. Yet again, he makes a beeline for his finisher, but MVP was able to reverse the maneuveur once more before Gaspard hit him with a scoop powerslam and a 2-count.

MVP was soon back up on his feet and had locked Gaspard in a Sleeper Hold, which he held for over a minute. Gaspard was then able to pick MVP up and hit him with a backdrop.

For a third time, Gaspard went for his finisher, but MVP was still too slippery for him to catch. MVP was able to counter the move with a Play of The Day!

MVP still had a little bit left in the tank and decided to go for a Ballin' Elbow, which he hit. MVP then went for the cover, getting the 3-count and the victory, advancing to the next round.

MVP will face Jack Swagger in the next round, while Evan Bourne will take on Matt Hardy.

The next two matches to be featured and voted upon are Ted DeBiase vs. John Morrison and Ezekiel Jackson vs. David Hart Smith, which will be put up today!


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