Oakland Raiders: Morrison Ready to Fill Sapp's Shoes

Umer Waris Correspondent IJuly 31, 2008


Nope, its not what some of you may be thinking just by just reading the caption! I am not inferring that Kirk Morrison is going to start putting his hands on the turf, line up in front of some O-lineman and take the role of a Defensive Tackle. Nope, that’s what Tommy Kelly was paid for.



In the case for Morrison, the 3 year leading tackler of the Raider defense is going to try to seal a role larger, wider than any of Sapp’s shoes, jerseys, sweats or any of his clothing for that matter!



As of 2008, Morrison will be the locker room leader and the ‘on-field defensive coordinator’ for the Oakland Raiders; a role left unplugged with the departure of Hall of Fame DT Warren Sapp.


The LB squad of the Raiders established what is commonly known in the Black Hole as the ‘Law Firm’ for its tenacious and aggressive play last season. The firm’s two leading ‘Prosecutors’, Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison, themselves accounted for 217 tackles and 10 interceptions just last season. 



Of those numbers, the 6-4, 240 pound Morrison alone contributed 121 tackles to go along with his 4 interceptions.  Maybe a trip to Honolulu, many would say considering what he accomplished. Nope and if that isn't Probowl worthy, Raider Nation is correct to presume the NFL is conspiring against them!



To put it in to better perspective, Division rival Shawn Merrimen only had 68 tackles with no interceptions and happened to still represent the AFC in sunny, warm Hawaii. Nonetheless, statistically Morrison goes into his 08-09 campaign as a role model for all other defenders. 


Unlike his rampant, savage play on the field, Morrison maintains a humble, modest demeanor off the turf. Tom Waddle of NFL Network inquired Morrison that with Al Davis dishing out large sums of cash to players like DeAngelo Hall and Javon Walker when were proven defensive playmakers like DE Burgess and himself going to receive the money they deserve? Not a bad question but Morrison took it like a leader.


“You know everything will come naturally as soon as we start winning games. You must know how hard it is to bring talent from free agency and the only way, you are gonna attract those guys is through dishing out that type of cash otherwise they will choose another, higher paying team. As simple as that! As far as me and Burgess go, it’s not about the money right now. We just wanna win games!”


Now that’s my type of a Raider!



With additions like the hard-hitting S Gibril "The Enforcer" Wilson and ball hawk CB DeAngelo Hall, Oakland’s secondary will be stalling the QB for more time to find an open receiver than it did in 07. Just more time for the 'Law Firm' or one of its associates to come colliding into that sitting duck of a QB( I wouldn't mind seeing Brady, Garcia or any AFC West QB lie and struggle to get up)! No. 52 will be guiding the defense next season and look for his guidance to mold the team into a defensive force.