Pro Wrestling: July 30th Review Of WWE's Friday Night Smackdown!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJuly 31, 2010

Kane's Promo

This was a great promo from Kane.

It was as good as, if not better, than his previous promos over the last few weeks.

It had passion, emotion, and rhythm. 

Everything Kane said worked well and was believable. It makes me wonder why the WWE hasn't given Kane a decent storyline for so long.

Great promo, but if I said anymore, it would just devalue the segment!


Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

Simply put, another argument as to why it's better to have wrestling people in charge of a wrestling show!

This match was as close to perfect as a television match can get!

It had everything—outside action, high flying moves, DDT's, hammerlock slams, and sunset flips.

The fans were into it and it proved that these two are main event quality. Nobody can argue that anymore.

Christian has had countless great matches since returning to WWE and McIntyre has had some great matches with Matt Hardy.

Quite frankly, it's a disgrace that these men aren't in the main event scene. Hell, they don't even have a match at Summerslam!

But what a match this should be!


Just in case you're curious, Rhodes' beauty promo was great but too short for me to review. Let's just hope they don't waste his character!

It was the same story with Alberto Del Riogreat promo but too short. I wonder how many attempts it really took him to pull off that trick shot?

CM Punk Promo

The promo was good—as we have come to expect from CM Punk.

But, I have to ask, why is WWE not utilising the SES in a more effective capacity?

Give us a decent mid-card feud between the SES and Christian/Hardy.

Hell, even add those two to the current feud. Not only woud it give them something to do, but it would add some sizzle to the situation.

I don't need to say much about the promoit was CM Punk. There's no need to say more!


Luke Gallow's vs. Big Show & Post Match Attack

More of an angle than a match, but I'm okay wih that. So far, the show has been good and I'm in a good mood!

A cheap finish but a nice little attack afterwards.

However, it did reek of repetition. Triple H ''breaking'' Big Show's hand with a sledgehammer? Come on. 

Combined Rating(5/10) = 2.5/5

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler & Post Match Attack

Again, this was as close to perfect as a television match can be!

The fans were into it and Vickie added some nice heel tactics/heat to the match.

The match had great pace and featured a variety of great moves including a ''T-Bone Suplex.''

Although it was a cheap finish, it seemed to work really well. Could we be seeing the re-birth of the aggressive Kofi which was last seen against Randy Orton a few months ago?

The post-match attack further enforced my belief that Kofi is in line for a push of some sort as WWE are expanding his character and showing some different personalities that the African star has.


Jack Swagger Interview

Short and sweet, but a little too short for my liking though.

Some nice words from Swagger here that helped to build the main event.


Michelle McCool w/ Layla vs Tiffany w/ Kelly Kelly for the Women's Championship

Not a bad match by the divas standard.

Although it wasn't the most entertaining match, it was at least a bit longer than normal.

McCool gets the win with the ''McCool Clash'' after a distraction from Layla which led to McCool tripping Tiffany.


Swagger vs. Mysterio in a No Disqualification Match

Yet another great match from the blue brand.

Brian Gewritz, put down that Spiderman comic book and start paying attention!

This is how you book a WWE show—no childish comedy skits, just pure wrestling!

The finish was beautiful!

The car that nearly ran them over added some needed realism to the angle and there was a nice twist with both men ending up in the water.


Final Thoughts:

This week's Smackdown was one of the best I've ever watched. It was a pleasure to watch and review it.

Kane's promo was great and Del Rio's mic skills are progressing nicely—as are ''Dashing'' Cody Rhodes'!

The highlight of the night is between three matches—a first in my nine years watching pro-wrestling.

The way it shall be decided is via the poll. If I can't decide, let's put it in the hands of the most capable people out there!

Great show this week. If only Vince delivered the same quality with Raw....

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Please check out my article regarding problems with the WWE product. The response has been positive thus far, but as alway's, I value everybody's opinion.

Thanks for reading!


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