BR's Battle Of The WWE Champs Semifinals!

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BR's Battle Of The WWE Champs Semifinals!

We are finally in the home stretch, folks.

HBK would take out his long-time friend HHH in the last round. We would also see The  People's champ, The Rock, move on to the semifinals.

Kane would make it a little fun before losing to the Hitman . Stone Cold would go on to lay down Angle after a Stone Cold Stunner. Andre the Giant made it pretty far in this competition, but would finally get put down by Y2J.

I know what you're thinking, my friends. How can this be the semifinals?

Due to having to add Mysterio in the second round, it screwed up the bracket system. So our finals will be a triple threat match.

For those of you that are upset by this I would understand if you chose not to vote any further. I hope this doesn't keep you from participating, though.

1st  Bracket

]---- HBK, a three-time WWF champ and one-time World Heavyweight Champion.


]----The Undertaker, a four-time WWF /WWE Champion and three-time Heavyweight Champion.


]---- The Rock, a seven-time WWF /WWE Champion.


]---- Bret "The Hitman " Hart, who held the WWF gold five times.


]---- Stone Cold, a six-time WWF Champion.


]---- Chris Jericho, a six-time WWE /Heavyweight/WCW (while it was in the WWE ) champ.

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