Matt Hardy: Be Careful, Vince

Hannah EllicockContributor IJuly 31, 2010

Matt Hardy is possibly one of the most entertaining, physically able superstars on the Smackdown brand currently, and do they use him properly? No.

His brother Jeff, for example, was the same. Amazingly talented, great competitor, highly entertaining, and would take risks just to show the fans that his heart and soul was in the business.

Matt's is too, and I think every knowledgeable fan in this "WWE Universe" knows that he has just as much heart and determination as Jeff did, but does he get the time to show it? His matches are simply quick matches where he either gets shown up because he's being used as a jobber, or he gets a win. But over someone so easy to get a win over.

He needs a storyline. He needs opportunity. He needs to actually be seen for what he has!

Why has he never had a reign as WWE champion, for example? He's most definitely good enough—a better wrestler and all round a better superstar than John Cena in my opinion—yet, when Matt Hardy gets an opportunity at Money in the Bank, he's not put down on the cards to win the contract?

Fair enough, Kane deserved the contract too, but Matt Hardy—along with Jeff Hardy, Edge, and Christian—really bought the popularity and idea of Ladder matches and TLC matches around in the WWE. They actually invented the TLC matches; surely that little fact could have given him and Christian more opportunity and a better chance over the rest.

Kane is massive, yes he deserves opportunities too, he's been misused for a while also, but not in a MITB match. Hardy or Christian should have definitely won that.

I joined upto Twitter around three months ago, and followed Matt Hardy. He "tweets" regularly and more personally than most other famous people on there. One of his tweets back when Vince had suspended him for hating on McIntyre, was about how he could go and join his brother Jeff again, and bring back The Hardy Boyz.

I personally didn't want him to leave the WWE, because he hasn't achieved everything yet, but I am desperate to see him and Jeff get back in the ring together and dominate some tag team action. Matt needs chances, TNA has many...

Be careful Vince, or one of your most adored and talented superstars may be bailing out on you soon....