Will Arsenal Fans Adore and Respect Fabregas Again?

Robin SAnalyst IJuly 30, 2010

MADRID, SPAIN - JULY 12:  Pepe Reina (L) Gerard Pique (hidden) and Carles Puyol of the Spanish national football team put a FC Barcelona shirt on team mate Cesc Fabregas during the Spanish team's victory parade following their victory over the Netherlands in the 2010 FIFA World Cup on July 12, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Angel Martinez/Getty Images

It seems like the eternal saga of Cesc Fabregas-to-Barcelona isn't going to end any time soon. Fabregas, most likely, might stay on for another season considering the financial constraints of Barcelona and the time left on his current contract with Arsenal.

However, the Spaniard might have lost the love and respect of Arsenal supporters already—at least of some quarters.

Many Arsenal supporters would be irked by Fabregas' recent press conferences. Moreover, Fabregas' euphoric celebration by wearing the jersey of Barcelona after the World Cup triumph would have surely vexed some quarters of the Arsenal faithful.

Although one may argue that it was forced on him by the likes of Puyol and Pique to add fuel to the fire, you can't negate the fact that he seemed joyful in the Barcelona jersey.

Was that an indirect message to Wenger that Fabregas wants to move as quickly as possible? Was that a conspiracy between Fabregas and his Spanish team mates to bring down the price demanded by Arsenal?

Only Fabregas could give a credible reply to those.

Whatever the reply might be, can Arsenal fans adore and respect him with so much uncertainty on their minds? Will his team mates at Arsenal listen to him when they play together from now on?

Team spirit is as important as anything else in Football. Arsene Wenger's hopes of bringing the Premier League back to Arsenal depends mainly on Fabregas. He has been the best player for Arsenal for quite some time. However, will these controversies form a rift between him and Wenger? Will the Arsenal players be in harmony with Fabregas with the latter being the subject of annoying rumours on a regular basis?

Barcelona players have been persistently trying to act as the catalyst in their team's pursuit of Fabregas. The latest to join that brigade is Carlos Puyol who claims Arsenal are holding on to Fabregas against his will.

Don't you think this could be Fabregas' ploy to convince Wenger that it's time to cave in to the advances of Barcelona? Otherwise, why don't Fabregas direct his Spanish team mates not to proclaim publicly that he's unsettled at Arsenal.

Being the captain of Arsenal, how will these controversies affect Fabregas and Arsenal in the forthcoming weeks when the Premier League kicks off. This coming season is of paramount importance in the history of Arsenal. Wenger would obviously want to make the 125th year of the club a memorable one.

This is a make or break season for many reasons. If Wenger yet again fails to achieve something substantial he may come under severe criticism, and the board may consider that it's time to move on. If Wenger leaves Arsenal at the end of this season, there could be a mass exodus of players who consider Wenger as a fatherly figure. Wenger's departure will apparently mark the beginning of a new era.

But before that, Wenger still has some unfinished job left on his hands. He has been the pivotal figure of Arsenal for more than a decade but still hasn't won the Champions League. A man of his calibre wouldn't aim for anything less than that. His accomplishments won't be complete without a Champions League triumph.

Having that in mind, he has been marching towards that target rather slowly by building a team steadily when other teams splashed extravagant quids to achieve immediate glory.

The last thing Wenger wanted at this point was an unsettled team just because a bandwagon is manipulating the media to force their issue. It will be hard for players to focus on the on-field affairs when so much is happening off it. Most of the youngsters at Arsenal look upon Fabregas as an inspirational figure. Their confidence would be sapped after knowing that Fabregas' future is hanging by a thread.

And what is the guarantee that Fabregas would give his everything for a team that is allegedly acting against his wish. And will the fans forgive him for wearing the Barcelona jersey which made the matter all the more complicated for Arsenal. Will we see anti-Fabregas slogans and chants by our own fans when Arsenal play at the Emirates next season?

To make it more interesting, should Fabregas continue as the captain of Arsenal any further especially when you have a loyal soul like Robin Van Persie?

How will the fans react if incidentally Fabregas doesn't perform at the same level that he had been doing for the most part of last season. Will they call it a deliberate decision to not play well, or will they accept the fact that every player goes through a rough patch during his career? Going by the current tide, the first alternative would be the most likely choice should Fabregas fail to deliver for Arsenal next season.

Already the pressure is enormous on Wenger and his team after going through a barren spell of five years and still counting.

Fabregas is the lynchpin of the team without whom it would be highly impossible to challenge for the title.

His replacement, no matter how good he is, will take some time before adjusting to Arsenal's intricate passing sequences. But Wenger doesn't have that much time at his disposal. So, Fabregas staying at Arsenal is crucial for Wenger and his future, because yet another fruitless season could result in his downfall. 

It's highly likely that Fabregas will stay at Arsenal for another year. However, over the course of that same year what all scandals are awaiting Arsenal?

It's time for Arsenal to be united. But will the fans support their captain, or are they waiting for an opportunity to pounce on him?

Too many queries. But not many answers.