John Cena Has New Alliances, Can They Finally Stop Nexus?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2010

Well, folks, MITB wrestling has kicked up a notch—three days of nonstop action, including NXT tonight.

In the past weeks we have seen Nexus quite a bit. Maybe a little bit too much. It's never a pretty sight.

At MITB, John Cena was in a caged match against Sheamus for the title belt. The WWE made this a caged match so Nexus couldn't interfere.

This radical group started their violence not too long after the first season of NXT. Wade Barrett was the new breakout star.

Without any forewarning, Wade Barrett hatched a plan with the other rookies. They all agreed to be one well-greased unit.

It became apparent that Nexus was a force to be reckoned with. They tried to get the WWE to give all of them contracts. At that time, they were more or less new.

Nexus made a statement, an impact. They were assaulting the pros, and one stands out more than the rest: John Cena. Time and time again, the young radicals were after big game.

They cost Cena the Heavyweight belt twice. That was a big mistake. At MITB, Nexus was not supposed to be in the ring area. As soon as they saw that John was going to win by scaling the cage, Nexus grabbed him and wouldn't let him go.

Sheamus was on the other side climbing down. Of course, he won. Nexus saw him and chased him. Cena left some carnage of his own laying around.

John swore that one by one, he would get them and destroy them. It seemed like no one was safe. They even tried to recruit Cena, Orton, Edge.

The new GM ordered Cena and Nexus to call a truce. That didn't happen. John wanted to draw blood.

He got his chance when a handicap match was made. it was a six on one. Cena tried his hardest, but it was impossible.

Wade Barrett says that all the things they are doing are part of a bigger picture. What in the hell is that suppose to be? He repeats that same thing over and over again.

On RAW this week, Barett thought that Cena was going to join their little club. Sorry, that wasn't what Cena had in mind.

Instead, he jumped out of the ring and told his alliances to come out. I didn't think these seven superstars would be on the same side, but God works in mysterious ways.

John's alliances were none other than Chris Jericho, Edge, Great Khali, John Morrison, R Truth, and Hall of Famer Brett Hart. All 14 men will face each other at Summer Slam.

Cena vowed that they will rid the WWE of Nexus. John and his crew chased Nexus out of the ring.

As this story ends, I think of what Wade Barrett's catch phrase is: "Either you're Nexus or you're against us." Now come on boys, did you really think that Cena would really give up?