Confessions Of a Wrestling Fan: Orton Or Edge?

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 3, 2016

Hey fellow Bleacher Reporters and Commentors!

The following article is just a little idea I had in my head. I originally had another article in mind but I put that off for a much later date. When the time comes, it'll be published and ready to go! But as for now.... I present you all with this:


                 The Confessions of a Wrestling Fan: Orton Or Edge?


Now, some of you guys may have already figured where I got this from, if not, the title of this article, is a chip off the annoying, slogan of the never-ending Twilight Saga—yes from the books, films, and the infamous Burger King ads they show during RAW.

Edward or Jacob? The phrase is repeated over and over in ads and particularly, the desperate fan girls among the world. Sadly, many of which attend my school. But hey, who says a wrestling fan can't ask the same question amongst their favorite superstars?

Randy Orton and Edge, are currently in a feud because of their rancid past. The once rated RKO, they went on to capture the Tag Team Title once, but once they lost the belt, they parted ways as tension arose.

Edge was eventually drafted to Smackdown. 

I'm not going to go through each wrestler's history—that would take two wikipedia articles—but they have each become champions multiple times, and both have that scary approach in the ring.

They split the very soul of (us) wrestling fans. They can go from being heel to face, (although I like to call them tweeners as of now), and their very actions break the fold of the standard heel/face guidelines. RKO's and Spears can happen at any time and any moment—to anyone.  

Randy's increasing popularity has been noticed and love it or hate it, the very kids that were booing him while he was feuding with Triple H and Cena a year ago, are cheering him endlessly.

That's how wrestling works.

Edge on the other hand, well, he's Edge, which means anything can happen. Stirring up controversy, making things as Rated R as possible (on a PG show), and just doing anything he wants because like he said this week, "He has a voice in his head."

So when it comes down to these two, we have the IWC in a split, we have our Edgeheads and Ortonites. Why these two?

1.Well they're currently in a feud with each other so it kind of made sense.

2.Replacing Edge with Cena wouldn't work because of the IWC mass hate against Cena, resulting in unfair competition.

3. I love a good debate, and I like to hear everyone's opinion, people can be quick to defend Edge or be super quick to call Orton "The Next Austin" (for those who read my article on "The Next" you'll see why I disagree with that)

4. These two performers are great as of now, and were once the most hated heels in the business while now Orton gets usually higher pop than Cena, and Edge gets at most mixed pop with some boos, but has a lot of cheers.


Again I thought this article would be a neat little thing to do, it's not meant to be well thought. It was something to give your opinion and stick to it!

And even though I hate Twilight with a passion I have to give it credit as most of my inspiration for the article, (thanks a lot Burger King).

So who would you chose as the overall better superstar? Your Favorite? Is it fair to compare, to choose? Do you think Orton is the Next Austin? Which one of the superstars is Edward? Which one is Jacob? What is Twilight? Whatever! Comment!