John Cena Vs. Nexus: The War Has Just Begun

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2010

Who said that John Cena couldn't take care of himself? This past Monday night on RAW, he proved he could and proved something else: loyalty, respect, and never giving up.

The Nexus doesn't want to hear that. They would rather torture and maim someone, and it doesn't matter who or where it is.

The new GM (everyone thinks its Steve Austin but they may be trying to throw people off) says they want to have peace and not situations, like they have been.

This is getting kind of old with the Nexus every week. You can always bet they will be there on RAW every Monday Night. 

Still, Nexus does whatever they want to whomever they want. Last week, though, one Nexus didn't get out of Cena's grasp.

Darren Young from Nexus should thank his maker that Cena didn't end his career.

Earlier in the evening, Nexus was in the ring waiting to hear what their punishment was to be because of their gang-like actions.

And what was it? A slap on the wrist. They can't enter into any title matches. Woo. Big deal.

The GM wanted Cena and Wade Barrett to shake hands and call a truce in the ring. In front of the WWE Universe. Cena spieled a speech, and it didn't end there.

He made it sound like he agreed to having a truce. Then something snapped in John's head. He wanted a physical confrontation. There are too many pros that want to get their hands on Nexus.

Wade Barrett told Cena that if he didn't shake hands and call a truce, he would make John's life a living hell. What they did to him, Vinnie, and Ricky Steamboat, and Bret Hart is nothing compared to what he will be getting.

Cena gave in with regrets. At the end of that scene all hell broke loose. When the air cleared, Darren Young was alone in the ring with Cena. His own teammates didn't stick around to help Young.

Now what kind of teammates are they? They said they will tell the reason for all this when the time is right. John was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This happens to John on a weekly basis. For their actions, John sent them a message when he put Young in the STF. I thought for sure he was a goner for sure.

After he broke the hold, the GM sent Micheal Cole an email. It read that because of Cena's actions, he will have to take on all seven Nexus Rookies at one time. It's no different than when they jump John from every direction.

Cena didn't think he had anything to lose, so Darren Young was the sacrificial lamb. I could't believe what I was seeing. It was like he transformed into something possessed.

His eyes were black, his body shaking and he was not coherent. In my opinion, the outside was John. His emotional state of mind was not his own. It's like he wasn't the same person we see every week.

Nexus started this war, and Cena is going to clean up the mess. RAW may never be the same again after this Monday night.