Aaron Rodgers to Start in Green Bay: Why It Really Doesn't Sound That Bad

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

"Aaron Rodgers is our starting quarterback." This is the statement the Packers organization is sounding to the media. Brett Favre has a legacy in Green Bay, but the team has officially moved on.

The Packers were an overtime away from making the Super Bowl under Favre's most successful season, but since the announcement of his retirement the Packers were ready to get Rodgers under center.

Why would the Packers choose an unproven player over their sure thing in Favre with the Super Bowl caliber team?

Rodgers was the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft for the Packers. He was the second QB taken behind Alex Smith, who went to the San Francisco 49ers. The argument in the draft was about who the 49ers should take.

Rodgers was a standout for California in his college years. I always thought he should have been the No. 1 pick over the over-hyped Smith. The Golden Bears QB broke many school records and was ranked No. 4 in the polls in '04. This was the closest team in college to end the dynasty run of USC at the time

Anyone can see from his college numbers and team success how good Rodgers really is. It seems now that the 49ers made the wrong choice with Smith.

Rodgers only really got playing time in the preseason games since Favre was invincible and just could not miss a start. He had a few passes here and there but never a real opportunity to show his worth.

Last season, however, we got to see how good Rodgers really is. In the second quarter at Dallas Favre went down. Rodgers was in a situation where he was on the road with a 17-point deficit and Favre and his teammates got him in.

When everyone was getting ready to change the channel to avoid witnessing the embarrassment from Rodgers, he threw 201 yards, one TD, and did something Favre rarely did—he did not throw a single interception.

The Cowboys ended up winning by 10, but the Packers were within three near the end. If you did not see the game, Rodgers actually looked like a legit football player. He showed composure and made effective passes to put his team in a position to win.

Favre was able to run in the backfield to spike a risky, but effective pass. Rodgers is more of a Peyton Manning type of passer. Yes, Peyton Manning. He does not have the football IQ of Manning, but has the passing presence of him.

Rodgers has a big arm with very nice accuracy. What makes a NFL QB a legit star is mainly decision making. Rodgers has had that since I saw him in college. He knows how to read a defense to make the best possible pass.

By learning for three years under Favre and just getting his mind and body developed, Rodgers is all set for the spotlight to be on him. But if he does not make a pass or two, we will all hear them say, "Favre could have done that."

Since Rodgers was a junior at California I really had seen him play where he did not let me down. I am trying to get football fans ready to believe Rodgers is really not a bad option.

He has impressed in the offseason and will continue to grow. The level of talent is around him is high. It comes down to whether or not Rodgers can make it happen.

The only way for him to get Packer fans off his back is to bring a title or two to Green Bay. Favre only brought one title to Green Bay, and look how well he has been praised.