Brock Lesnar, still making the WWE look good

SlamZillaContributor IJuly 8, 2010

Brock Lesnar.

     He is the King of the MMA World, after defeating Shane Carwin at UFC 116.  Lesnar is now the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, and he did this in him comeback fight, after recovering from a life threatening illness.  Sounds like the kind of storyline you would expect to see when watching Pro Wrestling, or a Hollywood Movie.  But this was real life, and the fact of the matter is, this incredible event has been very good to all Wrestlers in general, but especially in the WWE, where Brock first became famous. 

     For years Pro Wrestlers have been seen as nothing more than musclemen, throwing each other around in tights.  I’m sure they got a bit of credit  for being athletes, due to their size, and work regimen, but they never got the respect they deserved as legitimate tough guys.  Naturally the people in, and around the business could point out several men over the years that you would not want to mess with, but there was no platform for those people to show off what they could really do.

     Now we have the UFC, and a few other promotions, where the best fighters, and tough guys of the World can battle it out.   Brock Lesnar has paved the way, and following behind him has been Bobby Lashley, and if the rumours are true, Batista might even give it a shot.   But right now, Lesnar is showing the same kind of dominance he used to have back in his Pro Wrestling days.  And the WWE is quick to cash in on that success.  Right now they are offering The Best Of Brock Lesnar matches for $ 1.99 each.   Sounds a little tacky, but you can’t blame them for trying to make a little extra money from somebody they helped to make famous in the first place.

     But what about some of the tough guys of the past?  The ones  I mentioned earlier, that might have been able to compete in a UFC setting, had there been one at the time.  Let me name off a few guys that earned a reputation in the locker room for being the sort of tough guy, that even the other Wrestlers wouldn’t mess with.

From the very old school, there is Lou Thesz.  One of the best Champions ever, and considered a very legit, hooker/grappler.

Hiro Matsuta.   You have to give it up to a guy who broke Hulk Hogans leg when he was trying to get into Pro Wrestling.

Billy Robinson.   a hooker, and catch Wrestler who came out of Englands “Snake Pit”  a famous story tells of a bar fight he had with Chief Peter Maivia (The Rocks Grandfather)  which took out a window, and ended when Maivia gouged out Robinsons eye.

More recently, there has been…..Rick Rude.   Known as the toughest bouncer in Minneapolis, he boasted an open hand slap that knocked the lights out for more than a few of his peers.  Names such as Paul Orndorff,  Big Van Vader,  Tony Atlas, and even The Ultimate Warrior fell victim to it.  Even Kevin Nash backed down from a fight with Rude.

Dave Finlay.   The fighting Irishman isn’t just a character he plays in the WWE, it is pretty much who he really is.  Recognized as a legitimate tough guy, who is also an old school Wrestler, with a black belt in Judo, the common feeling backstage is that he is the Worlds Toughest Wresteler.

Meng.  You can call him Haku, or Meng, or even King Tonga.  Just don’t call him something that might piss him off.   Over the years it has been said that Meng is without a doubt, the toughest, and scariest man in Wrestling.  He is often the first name mentioned by other Wrestlers when asked who they consider the toughest of all time, and some of his out of the ring antics have cemented that legacy.  He is well known for biting off peoples noses, knocking men out with one slap or headbutt, and in one instance, pulling another Wrestlers eye out. (Jesse Barr)  One famous bar story, tells of Meng destroying five men who were foolish enough to make fun of him.

Of course if you want to read more about these tough men of Pro Wrestling, just follow the links bellow.