UFC 116: Brock Lesnar is Giving WWE Legitimacy

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IJuly 5, 2010

With Brock Lesnar's triumphant return to the octagon and the UFC on Saturday at UFC 116 in Las Vegas, a lot has been written and commentated since his hand was raised by Josh Rosenthal.

As we all know by now, Lesnar returned from a life-threatening illness late last year to unify the titles in a hugely entertaining fight with Shane Carwin on Saturday night.

Brock weathered a hurricane-like early storm from Carwin to eventually recover and sink in the submission early in the second round of their title fight.

Lesnar's win in the main event of UFC 116 was a huge result for Brock, the UFC, the sport of mixed martial arts, and the WWE. 

Yes, you read that right, the WWE. 

That's because with every fight and performance he has in the UFC, Lesnar is giving his former fellow WWE entertainers legitimacy. 

Seeing Steve Austin, The Rock, Goldberg, Paul Heyman, and Jim Ross in attendance at UFC 116 and getting fully involved in the main event, it hit me how much Lesnar means to his friends, family, and his former colleagues in the WWE. 

Watch the video below from Ariel Helwani to see what I mean.

Lesnar's growing status as a legitimate fighter is proving that although the WWE is fake and make-believe, many of its stars are genuine world class athletes. 

Lesnar has been quoted many times as saying that had the UFC been as big as it is now when he came out of college, he likely would have ended up in the sport a lot earlier and not joined the WWE. But money talks and he couldn't turn it down at the time.

The world of pro wrestling is littered with stars who could have or maybe still might make a successful transition to MMA

It is not something I am encouraging, but imagine what an Olympic Gold medalist like Kurt Angle could have achieved in MMA or what the latest WWE star, Jack Swagger, could be if he moves to MMA with his impressive amateur wrestling pedigree.  

The bigger Lesnar becomes and the more he keeps winning, the comparisons and questions about what WWE stars could achieve in MMA will continue to grow. 

Bobby Lashley has already followed Lesnar by fighting in Strikeforce and with Dave Batista reportedly interested in testing the waters in real fighting, the story is not going anywhere. 

Whether these industry cross-overs are a good idea is open for debate.

However, Lesnar's growing dominance as a UFC champion is making current WWE athletes feel a lot better about what they do for entertainment whilst not diminishing there abilities as real fighters, I am sure. 

Let me know your thoughts.




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