Bazsler Status:Terminated - Cyborg's Next Target: Gina Carano

casey manciniCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2008

EliteXCs July 26th event this past weekend showcased a women's match up between Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos and Shayna Bazsler. It was one of those matches where because I had no idea who either of these ladies were. I saw the obvious difference in size, and well I began to pray for Bazsler. No disrespect to Shayna who through some research I have found to be an accomplished martial artist, but sometimes you just see the IT factor in a fighter. Santos has IT.

Interestingly enough it almost looked like my prayer would be answered when Bazsler took to the ground. I had the same feeling when Frank Mir faced Brock Lesnar. This looked as if it may have the same tone as she skillfully maneuvered herself in position working ankle and leg locks on Santos, but to no avail.

In the second round Santos found her range, It was exactly what I had envisioned when the two fighters were announced. Santos unleashed on Bazsler. What followed was one of the most interesting things I've seen in MMA.

Though it seemed Bazsler was done, she was out on her feet and not fighting back. Santos began to celebrate, before the fight was stopped.

She {Santos} was up on the cage when she finally realized that it was not over. Now I wonder what Baszler had to have been thinking at this point, as Cyborg once again went into termination mode, the fight was finally stopped.

At ring side was America's sweetheart, MMA fighter and poster girl Gina Carano. When interviewed she said she was ready to fight Santos. 

Gina Carano is a great fighter, though one of her biggest knocks in woman's MMA is that she is simply a poster girl, and not a true fighter. Though she did put on an impressive performance against Kaitlin Young at the previous EliteXC event, I can't compare it to the devastation Santos handed Bazsler.

This is the fight the fans will want to see, the fight that if Carano can win will quiet all her critics. Joe Rogan once described Anderson Silva's Fighting as a "Ballet of Violence" Well that is what comes to mind when I hear Conviction Vs. The Cyborg.