Manny Ramirez: A (Red Sox) Nation Divided

E ASenior Analyst IJuly 27, 2008

Unfortunately, the Red Sox have finally had the last straw with All-Star slugger, Manny Ramirez. This may bring good or bad news.

Trade talks have popped up around Ramirez, and in an interview on the radio today he said he was open and would waive his 10-and-5 rights if the Red Sox found a trade for 11-time All Star.

Since the 1995 season, the lowest batting average posted by Ramirez is .292, and since 1995, Ramirez has only failed to hit 30 home runs and drive in 100 two times; in 2007 and 1997. He has finished third in MVP voting twice, and was the 2004 World Series MVP, as well as winning the 2002 batting title.

Manny has been a key instrument in two World Series runs by the Sox, and they have always embraced Manny and his antics as "Manny being Manny."

Ramirez had been on his best behavior earlier this year, saying that he was concerned and wanted his option years picked up, and how he "wanted to retire in Boston." Well, now he's noted how the Red Sox are sick of him and he is sick of the Red Sox.

While a trade seems unlikely, it's even worse to see him have to most likely walk as a free agent this winter. What return would the Red Sox get? Two draft picks? Zippy doo da.

The Sox have always been playoff contenders, but Ramirez has usually been a big part of the club. An outfield of Ellsbury-Crisp-Drew, or Moss-Ellsbury-Drew would not get the team anywhere, and I think the team would lose many fans and supporters with the loss of one of many fan favorites.

So I bring up the question: what would you do in this position if you were Theo Epstein? I would keep Manny, and decline his options, but promptly sign him to the four-year, $100 million deal he wants.

He is a living legend, and he has brought so much for the organization, he deserves to be put up with until he retires. Here are the pros and cons of trading Manny Ramirez:



  • Takes $20 million off the salary, along with "personal baggage."
  • Leaves room in the payroll to possibly sign free agent basher Mark Teixeira, or trade for Pirates superstar Jason Bay.
  • If traded, could probably bring back a decent haul of prospects, and hopefully MLB-ready players.



  • Losing one of the best right handed hitters of all time.
  • Losing the team's best hitter, and if letting him go is not followed up by adding a big-time hitter, a glaring hole is left in the middle of the lineup. Even David Ortiz most likely would see reduced power numbers.
  • Possible loss of ticket sales and team merch, as Manny is one of the most popular Red Sox players. Also, a possible negative atmosphere in the clubhouse.


Please, Boston: KEEP MANNY!