Paul Heyman Wants Complete Control of TNA

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 6, 2010

Paul Heyman is a smart man when it comes to wrestling. Dixie Carter is trying to lure him into TNA and Paul Heyman is having none of it. Paul has even stated he does not want to go back into the wrestling business.

The only way he would willingly join TNA would be if he were given complete control over it. The reason for the complete control would be that he would like to set his children for life if he could bring TNA into the public. 

He does not want to be another writer or booker to the TNA product. Paul Heyman definitely does not want to play politics in the locker room.

So his version of total control is having his own staff to guide the direction of TNA and its marketing strategy. He even wants an eventful IPO public offering.

That is a lot to ask out of TNA, and most likely those demands won't be met.   

First of all, you have Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff who have some measure of control in TNA, and the duo probably do not want to give up any of that control to Paul Heyman.

There may even be a few wrestlers and other TNA personnel who would not welcome Paul Heyman to TNA.

His demands may even be too much for TNA to justifiably hire him. What does make it justifiable is that the rating is stubbornly stuck on 1.0, and TNA had heartbreakingly lost a good amount of their audience since the start of the year.

The low Nielsen rating could work in Paul Heyman's favor, as evidence of his time in ECW and as Smackdown's head booker could increase TNA's ratings.     

Paul Heyman does not care if TNA accepts his demands, as he was just expressing what it would take for him to go to TNA. He's perfectly happy where he is in life right now and does not need pro wrestling to make it any better.

He also did not say what his vision would be or what changes he would make, which is a good move in my opinion.


We can only speculate on what TNA could do, but what we do know is that Paul Heyman is one of the greatest minds in pro wrestling of this generation!

Here is the link to the interview that has Paul Heyman talking about TNA in the last five minutes and the interview was right after UFC 116 in Las Vegas: