UFC 116 Results: Solution To Shane Carwin Riddle Accidentally Found

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

While Shane Carwin was walking to the Octagon at UFC 116, people knew that he had the tools to beat Brock Lesnar.

They knew he could submit his opponents, take a punch and keep going, and that he hits like a freight train.

And at 4 minutes into round 1, fans saw that Carwin may indeed be the new champ as he has been the only fighter to make the behemoth Lesnar curl up and practically wait for the ref to stop the fight.

Then something happened. Carwin lost his edge as the last few seconds closed in, and this razor thin detection is probably what made the ref let the fight continue.

Round 2 started and ended succinctly with Lesnar reversing the odds and systematically submitting the previously undefeated Carwin to retain the heavyweight title.

As powerful as Carwin is, it was the unseen and what was not known about him that was his weakness.

For about a year, Carwin has slowly risen in the heavyweight ranks. After debilitating Gabriel Gonzaga and Frank Mir, he was viewed as the savior of the division: the one man who could possibly uncrown the once smug champ.

So what happened in between the end of round 1 and the beginning of round 2? It's simple: Carwin has the tornado factor.

Practically nobody other than the heaviest of heavyweights can match Carwin in that first round. All 12 of his opponents before facing Lesnar were nothing more than trailers in Tornado Alley.

But Lesnar indirectly defeated the champ. Although it may have been pure instinct to hold the fetal position at the end of round 1, that's all he needed to do to win: hunker down and weather the storm.

There's little doubt that Carwin will work on his cardio, but there's even less doubt that all UFC heavyweight competition have noticed this round 1-to-round 2 disparity in Carwin.

Carwin is still the same powerhouse he was as, still, nobody has truly overpowered him. Lesnar learned that after taking an uppercut directly to the chin.

However, if Carwin's competition can somehow manage to make him gas out, it seems like the victory is there for the taking. Lesnar was simply the pioneer that stumbled upon the right formula, although it wasn't easy.

What the future of Carwin? Like he said after the fight, he'll be back. There's no doubt about it, either, as being the interim champ is likely nowhere near as fulfilling as being the true world heavyweight champ.

Who will he fight, though? More importantly, is there anyone that can weather the storm that is Carwin like Lesnar was able to?

One thing's for sure: the heavyweight division just became even more interesting.