UFC 116 Results: What Can You Say Now About Brock Lesnar?

James HizonaCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2010

I've heard all the hype, heard all the talk, Brock Lesnar is the baddest man on the planet! Brock was 100 percent right when he told everybody that in order to beat a single-round knockout beast like Shane Carwin, all he had to do was survive the round.

Not only did Lesnar survive the round, he finished his opponent with a beautiful submission move by making the Colorado native tap out to an arm triangle.

That's right, an arm triangle. This just shows the evolution in the game of the now Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

The fact that an athlete like Lesnar is in MMA is scary enough. The fact that he is learning the overall game very quickly is downright frightening! What is even more exciting is that Lesnar knew how to utilize the arm triangle.

After surviving Carwin's onslaught in the first round, a beaten up, but resilient Lesnar came into the second round against a gassed-out Carwin. This is what happens when you go to the second round for the first time. You are not sure how to pace yourself.

Lesnar knew Carwin was gassed and picked his spot just right for a takedown. And that was the beginning of the end of Carwin's 12-fight winning streak.

He passed Carwin's guard position to full mount with ease. And then he sunk in the triangle and made a smooth transition to side control and then rotated to sink it in further.

Frank Mir, I have much respect for you. But I am going to blame Brock's success on you making him tap on his UFC debut match.

What you did was awaken a beast that is now on a rampage with no signs of slowing down. Truth is there is not really anyone who can match his combination of athleticism, speed, resiliency, strength and most of all, talent.

Well, those are my thoughts. Now it is time to hear yours. What will the critics say, now? Are they finally going to take the horseshoe out of their ass and accept the fact that this guy is for real?

Or does Brock have to take out another opponent that is supposedly "The Next Big Thing" (I am referring to No. 1 contender Cain Velasquez)? 

Until then, this is Balistik signing out.

Peace Out.