Get Out of Your Mind: The Future of the WWE's All-Rookie Faction, Nexus

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJuly 1, 2010

As we have seen for weeks now, the NXT Season One rookies have made an impact on the WWE Universe and WWE management. They are, in fact, ONE when they come out, going by the old Hart Family motto: "united we stand, divided we fall."

With all seven of them together, they're unstoppable.

Even when they are evenly numbered, like we saw last week, they take people out like wolves.

Some were saying that without leader Wade Barrett they couldn't exist. Last week, they proved that false. In any case, as Jason Taylor reported here on B/R, Wade Barrett's work visa issues are taken care of and he is expected back soon.

The Nexus, as they are officially called now, will in fact be back to their full force once again.

But, how far can they go before they die off?

Barrett has a title opportunity at any PPV and any title of his choosing.

It's possible that he could cash it in similar to a Money in the Bank winner, going out after the current champion is beaten, and winning the title that way. If he cashes in after the Sheamus/Cena match, he'd also take two things away from Sheamus: his WWE title, and the record for fastest to win a World Championship in the WWE.

Sooner or later, Barrett is going to win the WWE Title. This would be similar to how the Invasion angle was done in 2001 between WCW and the WWF, when WCW wrestlers came in and won WWF titles.

Having the Nexus guys winning WWE Titles without becoming WWE property would allow them to go on any show, winning more titles along the way.

First thing is first though, they have to take over by taking titles away from the WWE and getting them into Nexus. Not on the phone, but with the faction.

If they keep adding more young up-and-comers, the only way people that would be able to stop them would be themselves. Otherwise, the numbers game will stop any one person from taking them out.

Some are thinking Justin Gabriel could eventually want out of the group, but he won't unless he knows he can be safe doing so.

With growing egos, eventually, all factions do go down.  Just look at what happened to Evolution.

When Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Title, for example, the egomaniac Triple H took his title and kicked him out of the group.

Batista also saw Triple H's game, and didn't like it, which is resulted in the two feuding over the WHC. The faction is now disbanded.

Nexus will have a similar fate, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

These are young stars, who would probably have been released or kicked down to developmental were it not for this group.

They have impressed many so far, and if it continues, the sky is the limit for them.  I don't know what it will be, but I see all of them having a WWE future.  The WWE, who created the group, must have felt the same.