The Beautiful People Breaking Up? That Would Really Suck!

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJune 30, 2010

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The Beautiful People have been cleansing TNA of ugliness for over two years now. But it seems like the recent reign of the group over all the other TNA Knockouts is finally coming to an end.

There has been a lot of bickering and animosity going around in the stable, especially between the front runners of the group, Velvet Sky and Madison. It showed during last week's episode of TNA Impact, when Rayne and Sky were backstage and Rayne was looking at her new hairstyle (a crappy hairstyle) in the mirror and making fun of Lacey.

I think that this was actually the first time where Velvet didn't care about what Madison had to say and didn't find her joke funny at all. Madison ran up to her, grabbed her cheeks, and acted very surprised when Velvet didn't laugh at her joke. Velvet slowly took Madison's hand off her with a serious look on her face.

Madison didn't care how serious she looked and said that if she didn't get her head in the game, then she would be carried out on that stretcher tonight.

Via, I read that TNA is planning for Velvet Sky to turn on Madison Rayne at Victory Road, when Rayne defends her Knockouts Title against Angelina Love at the event. There’s also talk that Velvet will team back up with Angelina for The Beautiful People. No word yet what will happen to Lacey Von Erich.

Quite frankly, I would love it if Angelina turned heel and joined back up with the The Beautiful People, but I'm not sure if Madison Rayne has what it takes to pull off a face turn either. They should kick Lacey out of the group and bring Angelina back into the fray of things, because the group never really recovered when Angelina left and bringing her back in would make the group a lot more credible again.

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