Justin Gabriel Heading For a Face Turn and a Feud Against The Nexus?

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 30, 2010

As many of you now, Daniel Bryan has been off TV for some time as he was released over the infamous NXT invasion, which saw Bryan spit in Cena's face and choke Justin Roberts.

One of these things, or a combination of both, ultimately lead to his release.

As many of you know, Bryan was guaranteed a spot on the main roster. This indicates that he would have turned on The Nexus and fought as a baby-face for the WWE superstars.

With Bryan gone, WWE is presumably looking for a replacement.

Enter Justin Gabriel.

I noticed something on last week's Raw, but it was far more prominent on this week's Raw, and I'm not the only one to have noticed.

Justin Gabriel has been displaying some kayfabe hesitation before performing the ''450 splash'' on McMahon and, more noticeably, Steamboat.

He also looked back towards Steamboat while the others were celebrating, a look of regret if you ask me.

Could he be in line to take Danielson's spot? I think so.

The main reasons why he is the best candidate to take over for Bryan/Danielson are very obvious.

  • He was a face on NXT Season One
  • His ''450 Splash'' gets him over with the crowd
  • He fits WWE's new talent direction - pushing smaller wrestlers.
  • He is athletic and the best high-flyer left in Nexus

So, fellow members of Bleacher Report, is Gabriel going to turn on The Nexus and fight with Cena as opposed to against him?

Only time will tell but I know where my money is. What do you think?


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