NY Yankees Working Jarrod Washburn Deal & Maybe Multi-Team Trade

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008


 Say Hello to New York Jarrod Washburn & Maybe a Head Turning Good-Bye too.

  May Be Kiss of Death for Pettitte in Last Year.



Washington DC - July 26, 2008


Reported by ESPN's Buster “The Knock Out Punch” Olney the Seattle Mariners are working with the Yankees on a Jarrod Washburn Deal, and may want Melky Cabrera and either Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy, and purportedly insist on throwing in Joe Vidro along with the wash in turn for the Yanks throwing Kei Igawa to Seattle, at least according to SI-who may be more tool then trade.

SI’s Jon Heyman also reports that the Mariners are more interested in the Double A Trenton Thunder prospects than they are Melky Cabrera.

Now, what use is Jarrod Washburn to the Yankees?  It may be a combo deal for Roy Hallady which would move Washburn to TOR along with some prospects as well, like Brian  Bruney, Chris Bitton or Danny Giese all of whom have real MLB experience and are under 3 ERAs, and don’t forget Austin Jackson or Shelley “I can t hit it a mile in any dome” Duncan too.

The only sense that this makes is in consideration to the Yankees dumping “Halladay like money” that is Kei Igawa on a team that thoroughly enjoys and profits from the Asian Media, and may want a fellow Japanese player for Suzuki’s long term happiness – or Zen.

If not, then Washburn for the Yankees would be a wash out for some fans, unless moved along in another trade.  New York already has better talent right now than Jarrod Washburn, but they make too much money to be considered for TOR. 

I am talking about Andy Pettitte who is in his last guaranteed year right now, and if the Yankees keep Washburn it might be the kiss of death for Andy.  They are almost two of a kind with about the same ERA and the same style pitching but Andy has proven it in big time games and is a 3.7 ERA right now to Wahburns 4.1, a big difference in a Yankee team that has trouble scoring and is on the proverbial roller coaster.

NY has not won a ring without “Lefty” yet, so if their line of thinking is to replace Pettitte with another mid 4 ERA, than that is just a bad, bad, bad thought process.  Unless Andy has advised NY that he is done after this year because of the “Daily Circus News,” then the Yankees should not consider keeping Jarrod.

Pettitte is having one of his best career years with a now 3.7 ERA, is tied with Mussina for most Yankee wins amongst the leaders in the MLB and coming off a huge 3 run shut down of the heated rival and offensive power-house Boston.  2 runs were scored in the 1st inning off Pettitte who then shut out the Sox for 4 straight innings until the 6th when the last run scored against the Yanks.  

I fell asleep as Andy lulled the Red Sox.  For real, he put me to sleep llike he did their offense and I woke up o the post-game and was ticked.

Of course Jarrod has the final say as he has a no trade deal to the Yankees.  Did I mention he played on the Red Sox, the much heated rival to NY?

It is just of noteworthy interest because of the left handed pitcher who was signed in the off season edging out Johan Santanafor a spot, and now Washburn may in turn do the same to Pettitte, or more hopefully be used in another Yankee trade to a different team.  

There is another Lefty Specialist better then Washburn coming available in the off-season anyhow, and the last time NY had Pettitte and another great lefty was David Wells – and they won a ring that year. 

Yes, David is still listed as a Free Agent too, but with the talent flying around he may not cut the mustard even if he spent the off season working out and lost weight as advised to do years back by fellow listed free agent, Roger Clemens.