Tornto Blue Jays Talk Roy Hallady Trade, Yankees Could Set Future Right Now

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 26, 2008

Roy Halladay Could Solve The Yankees Rotation Concern for Years To Come


Rumors have buzzed for over a month that Toronto ace Roy Halladay wanted to be traded, and yesterday WCBS-Radio (Yankees Pre-Game) broke the news that the Jays are indeed quietly talking to teams about a possible trade, one day after a high-level Yankees meeting in Tampa to discuss improvements.

It was said that Halladay initially stated that he wants a shot to win a championship, and then Toronto tried to quash the story, saying that they were not interested in trading and just needed a good July.  At almost the end of July, things are still not good for Toronto. Halladay again approached Toronto management about his desperation to win a World Series.

The Jays contend that they will not trade Halladay to a team in the American League, but as seen in the off-season negotiations, every team has its price

According to Yahoo Sports Toronto had been talking to LA Manager Joe Torre about AJ Burnett when Joe asked for Halladay, and was told by the JAYS that it would cost a tier one player/prospect and they have now been negotiating ever since. (Canada) was told by Halladay that he "wants to win a World Series more than anything else in his career, and would like to do it in Toronto if they have a chance," and "it gets very frustrating wishing for the same thing every year, it is like the movie Ground Hog Day."

That is him being polite because he didn't attach the odds to that chance Toronto has of winning while he is still under contract, which is for 2 more years. Translated it means, "I have got to leave, but also want my fans to know that I love them and cherished my memories in Toronto and had a real good time, but it is time for me to win a World Series now. I am so sorry."

So, what could the New York Yankees offer Toronto, how about some "tier one player/prospects" that they can build their own future around, instead of just one guy?

The Yankees offered Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera in turn for Johan Santana in the Nashville meeting. However, Minnesota did not answer in time.

The Yankees eventually thought twice of making such a big trade for a pitcher who has had tendinitis of the elbow so significantly that he had to have it scoped by a doctor.

Minnesota, who also said they would not trade Santana to an American League team, later approached the Yankees about reinserting their original offer. This proves that every team has their price. Whether it be pitching, defense, or offense there is always a deal that could be worked. 

The Red Sox changed their original offer for Santana as well, in an apparent dance-off with New York, further proving that everything is negotiable.

Considering that the Yankees just acquired Xavier Nady (centerfielder) to play outfield, one has got to wonder whom he is going to replace. Johnny Damon has played an outstanding left field with speed and a glove for two years. 

Bobby Abreu has too many miscues in the outfield which have cost a lot of runs. He even has Reggie Jackson shaking his head, but the Yankees haven’t pulled him yet.

Maybe the Yanks put “X-Nad” in center, Cabrera in right (with the arm) and leave Damon in left. This would make Abreu the full time DH who could give rest to others.

On the other hand, Melky Cabrera could be traded to entice Toronto, as he was just offered in the post-season. This year, he has been in a bit of a slump at the plate.  Slumps don’t last though and Melky did have a great year last year. 

Shelley Duncan has played outfield, too. He made an impression last year but has slumped a little this year. With no real chance to recover, he was sent down.

Joe Girardi has said in the past that Ian Kennedy has lost his position on the rotation, and he was sent down to the minor leagues after struggling in the first couple of months.  Well, he went nine innings and gave up one run recently, so he has regained some notoriety.

Phil Hughes is still around, though rehabbing a broken rib.  Last year, he was a true gem and the Yankees have said he was their future star of the rotation, but more so than Roy Halladay?   

There are other notables, including Kyle Farnsworth. He has given up only one run in the last month while pitching 10 innings and has added two pitches to his 98 mph fastball.  Another is LeTroy Hawkins, ex-Colorado Rockies phenom who has struggled in NY. Many do the same though in the media mecca that is NY, for example, Randy Johnson.  

Jose Veras has been strong for the Yankees in the bullpen as well, but the Yankees are now going young in relief now.  Another reliever is Danny Giese, who was a starter’s sensation on the minor league AAA WB-S Yanks, touting 24 innings with less than a 2.00 ERA.  

Other recent prospects to make a strong showing this year for New York are Brian Bruney, featuring a 1.59 ERA in 11 innings of relief, Chris Britton who has a major league ERA of 1.55 in 54 innings, and Brett Gardner whose bat has been red-hot during the current seven-game win streak that has landed the Yankees two games instead of seven just weeks ago.

All of that equates to some combination of major potential and unllimited possibility for Toronto.

For NY, just imagine a Yankee rotation which goes: Halladay, Pettitte, Chamberlain, Chien Ming Wang, and Mike Mussina; plus a bullpen of Giese, Rasner, Ramirez, Marte and Rivera. 

George always said, "It's all about good pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching."  Of course he likes his offense too.

Other names the Yankees have allegedly shown interest in are AJ Burnett (140 innings with a 4.60 ERA) and Mark Teixeira. He is in his last year of his contract, and the Braves may look to cash in with a trade before it’s too late.

Finally, the Yankees also discussed a Barry Bonds acquisition but have not commented on whether or not they’ll commit.  Bonds is asking the league minimum, and the Players Union is in the process of filing a grievance against the MLB for collusion by owners to keep Barry from playing.

Also seemingly banned is Roger Clemens, who is another listed Free Agent whose market is way down and may be in the grievance as well. 

The worst of all performance enhancers were not drugs, like greenies which were legal until 2003 along with HGH and Steroids.

It was Major League Baseball changing the ball composition, lowering the pitching mounds, and lessening the distance to the fences by about 75 feet on average; all of which undoubtedly “enhanced performance.”


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