The Riddler Report: TNA's Velvet Sky Proves Why She's Too Hot To Handle

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Hello readers, It has been a while, before I last wrote an article. I know a lot of you want to know why?

Well I stopped writing/reporting as I was busy with college and other activities myself hence did not have the time to write!

I also lost my muse for the time being. But the good part is that I am back for the time being and hope to write as often as I can.

Anyways, earlier today I saw this video of Velvet Sky, which I am sure many of you fans will be interested in!

So here is the shocking thing that happened-

Velvet Sky “literally” slapped Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg last Friday during a media appearance. I don’t know if this was planned or not (other words Kayfabe) But I have to admit- WHAT A SLAP!
You can view it here:^

My Opinion-

I am a big Velvet Sky fan and I feel that Peter thought he could play around and take her lightly because she is a woman wrestler but Thank God! He found out that it is not good to mess around with a Knockout!

Did she over react?

I am not going to judge as I don’t know all the details possible! However, I do know that wrestlers do take their moves and finishers very seriously

They have high regard for them as well. (we all know how pissed Michelle was when she came to know that people thought that she copied AJ Styles man-overs)

In my humble opinion, I feel that maybe she did the right thing and her reaction was justifiable indeed!

I feel that she felt mad for not having being shown the respect she actually deserves!

She was also quoted as saying that “Who is this guy, who has never taken a bump in his life to tell me what finisher to use ?”

Just like in my case, I am into computers my self and If some one criticizes my work who never touch a computer in there life I will be pretty mad as well, because that person judged me on some thing, he himself has no knowledge about!

What do you readers,think?

Was her reaction justified, or did she actually cross the line?

This concludes another Edition of The Riddler Report

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