TNA, You Really Need to Get the Basics Right!

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJune 27, 2010

Having actually had the time to watch a full episode of TNA iMPACT! for the first time in a long time, I sat dumbfounded staring at my television.

I simply could not believe the fact that TNA couldn't even get the basic things right.


Mistake No. 1: Lack of Hype and Continuity

For example, after last week's show, which saw the heel turn of Abyss, TNA failed to capitalize on this big angle.

During the closing moments of the show, there was no ''What's gonna happen next week?,'' no ''Abyss is gonna face major consequences for his actions.''

There was nothing to urge the fans to tune in next week.

The heel turn itself was very well done, with a huge chokeslam off the stage emphasising the turn.

But this gave birth to another problem—the announcers.


Mistake No. 2: Poor Announcing and Poor Booking

There was one ''Oh my God'' from Tenay about this incident and that was the end of it.

One replay and that was the end of it.

I was surprised at this because Tenay and Taz are two very experienced announcers.

If this was WWE, there would have been at least five replays from different angles and there would have been some great selling from the announcers.

Remember the Jeff Hardy swanton bomb from the stage set to Randy Orton a few years ago?

There were six or seven replays of that and Hardy was carried out on a stretcher.

Also, TNA should have shown medics tending to Hardy accompanied by silence to emphasis the seriousness of the situation to close the show.

This is something that WWE has perfected with the recent NXT Nexus angle.

The same should have happened this week on TNA.


Mistake No. 3: Failure to Hype the Main Event

I may be wrong, but I think it was an hour into the show before the main event was even mentioned by the announcers.

This is pure stupidity.

If you want high ratings, you have to give fans a reason to stay tuned in until the very end.

I can almost guarantee you that iMPACT's ratings would have been higher had they hyped the main event.

For an example, look no further to the WWE with last Friday's Smackdown.

The main event was announced and hyped by Grisham and Striker two minutes into the show.

That's the difference between WWE and TNA—WWE know what they are doing.

They get the basics right, do them very well, and then they move on to the more complicated stuff.

These are just three very poor mistakes made by an organization who have a lot experienced employees working for them.

Such employees have no excuse.

So, TNA, you better pray to every saint and to God himself that Paul Heyman comes in and saves your company.

Until then, you will never even be on the same level as WWE.

You will forever be a small-time promotion.

Paul Heyman, I hope you know what you'll be getting into if you join TNA.

You will have a monumental task on your hands just to save TNA and an even bigger one to take the company to the level where the simple-minded people in charge think it is ready to be.


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