Washington Redskins: Will Injuries Play a Major Role in 2008?

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IJuly 26, 2008

After losing defensive ends Phillip Daniels and Alex Buzbee to injury, the Redskins have continued to suffer through injuries to key players. Top draft pick, Devin Thomas pulls a hamstring, out 10-14 days. Laron Landry, pulled calf, day to day. Malcolm Kelly, pulled hamstring, day to day.

There are others as well, minor injuries that could play a major role in the Redskins ability to properly prepare for the upcoming season.

While there have been no other season-ending injuries like those that Daniels and Buzbee suffered, these "minor" injuries will elongate the learning/growing process, for the rookies in particular.

WR Malcolm Kelly had a terrific first week of training camp, but how long will he need to sit out? These two rookie WRs missing up to two weeks is potentially devastating to there ability to not only learn a pro-style, complicated offense, but they also lose the simple and straight forward coaching and learning of the "pro" game. 

Commonly, wide receivers are not able to contribute much, if anything, in their rookie seasons. Kelly seemed to be on his way to bucking the trends, and competing for a starting spot. He has looked polished and focused in practice and has caught virtually every ball anywhere near him. "Wow-ing "the fans at training camp time and again.

So, one must question why these injuries are happening. Are the Redskins not doing something they should be doing prior to practice? Are they doing something they shouldn't be doing before or during practice?

I only know this, the two days I have been at practice this week, warm ups and stretching did NOT get much time on the practice field. Maybe they are stretching and warming up in the locker room, or the training room prior to coming out to the fields. Maybe not.

Head coach Jim Zorn should be asking these questions to his staff and trainers. If he isn't, he is missing something in his first training camp. Hopefully he will start asking questions and the Redskins can overcome the current slate of injuries and eliminate more injuries in the future.