Was Vinnie Mac Behind the Rookie's Radical Moves? Or Was It GM

lee raydeanCorrespondent IJune 25, 2010

If you watched RAW on Monday Night, you may have watched the best matches that have been on there in quite a while.

Vinnie Mac opened the show and announced that he let the GM of RAW, Bret Hart, out of his contract due to medical reasons.

McMahon was donning a smile that made it apparent that Mac was up to something. Mac is always up to no good, but this time it backfired.

Mac made another shocking announcement, unless he was using trickery again. He said that the new GM doesn't want to be seen or heard. He or she will communicate through emails sent to Micheal Cole. Was Mac behind this, too?

This all started a few weeks ago when the first season Rookies interfered in a match that John Cena was in. Wade Barrett, the leader of the pack, came out and distracted Cena long enough for the rest to jump in the ring.

The Rookies tore Cena and anyone else at ringside. The ring looked like a tornado went through it.

The following week, the Rookies did it again, only this time the Pros were ready. They high tailed it out of Dodge.

To make a longer story short, the Rookies wanted the WWE management to give into their demands. Those demands included dressing rooms and a WWE contract for each of them.

Monday night, the Rookies got what they wanted from Mac. They came out to the ring and apologized to Cena, and to anyone else that would listen.

That same night, after false apologies, they once again tried to pick Cena apart. It's because of them that Cena lost his title.

All the Rookies played everyone for suckers. They got into the ring with Mac (the new GM picked Mac to be the special ref for John and Sheamus's match).

I'm not sure if Mac was behind the Rookie's actions or not. All I know is that the Rookies jumped Mac and put a hurting on him. Why did they do that?

Didn't he give them enough? The new GM says they will be punished accordingly, but  according to who. Who is this new GM? Why don't they want to be seen?

What do they want and why? Is the new GM really going to punish them? Why do they keep going after Cena? The Rookies made their impact, they were on a PPV event, even though it wasn't to wrestle.

Is this going to be a weekly thing? Is this what we have to look forward to? It's like a conspiracy.

Well WWE Universe leave comments. I will reply to all.