Washington Redskins: Head Coach Jim Zorn Is Offensive

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IJuly 25, 2008

As I attended Redskins training camp for the first time, of the many things I noticed, one thing struck me in particular. Head Coach Jim Zorn is a bird of a different feather. Most head coaches I have seen interact with their players on the practice field carry themselves with such an air of, well, "above it allness".

I know that may not make much sense but it's the best description I can come up with. What makes Jim Zorn different is he isn't concerned about the way people see him. That is obvious. And that means he is also free to be himself. And that means he is going to coach the quarterbacks. Oh, and come up with some very interesting drills.

From a distance, each of the quarterbacks currently on the Redskins roster seem to be responding well to his tutelage. Throughout each practice Coach Zorn spends his time with the offense, the quarterbacks in particular. That's to be expected considering his background, but I was surprised at the amount of time he spends with the offense. I won't be surprised if this time translates into a much improved Redskins offense this season.

A few other observations:

Jason Taylor is a man among men. He is easy to pick out on the practice field among his teammates. His height makes makes him stand out in a crowd of defensive linemen. But his "stature" stands out among most every player on the field. Taylor carries himself such that despite being only around 255 pounds, he looks absolutely immense. And he seems to practice the way carries himself. His body lean in pass rush situations is impossible for a man his size. Low man wins, and he wins a lot more than most do with comparable height.

Malcolm Kelly will be starting before Devin Thomas does. And if he can get back quickly from the a slightly strained hamstring in today's practice, it could be by the season opener. Kelly could well be the one we all end up talking about the most. The steal of the draft. He has looked much more polished than the other "young" receivers. Unfortunately, I didn't get much time to see Thomas, so my evaluation is certainly not particularly complete. But Kelly has jumped out to me as a camp highlight for 2008.

Mike Sellers is a freakin' beast. The Redskins defensive players must put in "official requests" to the entire coaching staff to stop giving the ball to this man. One of the most enjoyable things I have seen in this camp is big 45 running over defenders. Keep it up Mike. It's been fun to watch.